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Xtreme-DI 50% Increased Flow Double Sealed Injectors (set of 4) 2014-2019 Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 1,049.00

HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) is required for use with the +50% injectors. 

+50% increased flow over stock injectors. 220bar (3,234psi) capable on stock settings*. Able to support straight E85 up to 450whp with an upgraded low pressure side fuel pump 

If you choose to run a race fuel with a stoich point of 14.08-14.7 you will be able to make well over 450whp with the pump and injector combo. E85 is more demanding on the fuel system and has a stoich point of 9.85 hence why it needs 30% more fuel demand than pump gas or race fuel with a stoich point of 14.08-14.7. 

+50% injectors are proven to support up to 375whp on straight E85 with the XDI HPFP35 pump and stock in tank pump. This is over what the stock engine can safely handle so if you have a stock engine your power limit will be 350whp roughly unless you want to push it beyond it's recommended limits. With a built engine setup, upgraded low side pump, the HPFP35 can run E85 up to 430whp, and 450-460whp with EVO pump.

Every XDI +50% injector set gets tested and matched at three different operating points and comes with full documentation:
1) 0.8ms/20bar for idle stability
2) 10ms/100bar for static flow reference
3) 6ms/200bar for wot performance and stability

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