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2014+ Fiesta ST whoosh brand Intercooler Boost Hose Kit *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 169.99
*Now Available with Hose Clamp Kit (use drop down to select)
Replace your OEM intercooler hoses with our High Performance Boost Hose Kit!
Features include:
- 5 Layer High Grade Silicone
- Inner liner for improved flow
- Heat resistant up to 400 degrees F
- Easily replaces all OEM Fiesta ST intercooler hoses to handle high boost and extreme conditions
- 6 hoses included in the kit
- works with OEM and *aftermarket intercoolers 
use the drop down to select your silicone color choice 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very nice.

Installed these with new intercooler. Much better than oem squishy, stretchy hoses. Bonus is I installed Ron's cold side charge pipe at the same time, and the fact that it is larger, longer, and straighter than stock means that I had to cut my cold side hose into less than half, so now I have a spare cold size hose it seems. Nice!

Mike W
Good Upgrade

Bought these along with the Whoosh V1 intercooler. They aren't really necessary but they are much firmer than stock and are definitely worth it if you plan on upgrading the Turbo in the long run. They also look really nice...Get the clamps tight, you don't want one of these slipping off!

Fabian C.
Great boost hoses for cheap

I'll start off by saying that these boost hoses are well made. You can immediately feel the difference compared to the flimsy stock ones. I have so far installed the hot side only and plan on doing the cold side with my intercooler install this weekend.

Only real downside is the included clamps are not t-clamps, and they seem to be weaker than the stock ones on my car. I was able to tighten the Ford ones until I couldn't go any further, whereas these striped after a certain threshold.

Great alternative use I ended up using them for was to double up on the hot side intercooler exit, as well as the piping leading up to the turbo. I got this tip from a fellow forum member who had issues with the boost pipes popping off under high boost/hybrid turbo levels, and since I was replacing the piping this was the perfect chance to double up as such.

I did notice that boost is held a bit better than stock, I attribute this to how tightly I reinstalled the pipes, there may have been a small boost leak that was previously inotices. All in all a great upgrade and would definitely recommend, it also gives a bit of pop to your engine bay/undercarriage.

Pair this with a hot side J pipe replacement so you can get rid of the resonator donut while you're at it. Great price for this upgrade and same Woosh quality I can expect from Ron.

A must have

If you have an upgraded intercooler or just trying to squeeze a little bit more out of the stock intercooler the Whoosh boost hose kit fits perfectly and looks amazing.

A no-brainer upgrade!

This upgrade is a must-have when upgrading your intercooler. The stock hoses look nasty and get very soft and expand quite a bit when heated up. The whoosh kit looks and feels great and is a great addition to any intercooler set-up. This item paired with the hot-side pipe is over $100 less than kits from other companies, with very similar quality and fit-and-finish. I would recommend upgrading all three components when you do your intercooler (hoses, charge pipe, and intercooler).