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Wilwood (11.75") Rear Brake Kit 2014+ Fiesta ST

$ 992.00

Combination hydro-mechanical Parking Brake calipers use hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder for stopping power, and an internal mechanical lock within the caliper for a parking brake. CPB kits are built primarily for front wheel drive vehicles, and select rear wheel drive axles that are not well suited for internal shoe style parking brakes. The calipers are coupled with oversized two-piece rotor assemblies with aluminum hats and high friction BP-10 compound pads. CPB kits provide the correct balanced brake performance and matching style to compliment front big brake upgrade kits.

*Use the drop down to add the stainless braided brake line kit (required for a complete installation) & parking brake cable kit 

*standard Fiesta (drum brake) rear hubs are required for installation on a 2014-2019 Fiesta ST.

Click HERE for complete installation instructions

Each kit includes 1 rear brake kit (both sides)  /  Wilwood requires their braided line and parking brake kits for a complete installation.  Use the drop down menu to add these options to your order


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