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whoosh motorsports Hot Side Intercooler Pipe Kit 2014-2019 Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 89.99

The whoosh motorsports hot side intercooler pipe kit replaces a few silicone connections and removes the restrictive sound baffle from the stock hot side pipe right off the turbocharger

Our pipe kit is packed with features:

  • 2" mandrel bent aluminum 
  • thick 2 bolt support bracket installs on the oil pan like stock 
  • 5 layer high quality silicone coupler w/heavy duty lined hose clamps included 
  • works best with the Fiesta ST stock turbo, whoosh hybrid turbos, and other hybrid turbos
  • available add on of large "S" silicone hose to complete the hot side routing 

This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING in the USA (conus only)



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nice Fit/Peace of Mind

Installation was a breeze. It may have took me twenty minutes all said and done. Install everything first then tighten down.

WARNING! Stock upper hose clamp that connects factory coupler to turbo has sharp flanges that bite into the hose. Try not to grab and twist(lots of blood).

Ean mckee
The proper hot side

It should have came this way gets rid of a baffle that it dosnt need and 3 different connections and it's larger. Definitely more turbo noise but that's what we want and it seems to have helped flow also. Would recommend for anyone on the fence get it it doesn't disappoint

Great quality and fitment

Great quality part, welds look nice, bends and the beads on the ends of the pipe are big enough that I haven't had any slipping yet.

It makes the turbo noise a lot louder which is a plus for me. It's nice to replace like 3 silicone fittings and 2 pipes with 1 pipe and 1 fitting. I also like that it replaces a plastic part with a metal one.

One installation tip: Leave all of the clamps loose, even the one up at the top by the turbo that doesn't seem like it needs to be loose. You need some extra flexibility to be able to fit the mounting bracket onto the studs.

Taylor Coy
Perfect product

Another quality product offered by Ron. I love it. Easy to instal and removes the baffles letting you hear more turbo sound. Love it

Nice fit and lightweight

This pipe's lightweight yet felt sturdy after the install. It came with a set of regular hose clamps and I didn't have any issues with the pipe popping off under boost. I tightened the clamps with a socket and ratchet.