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whoosh motorsports brake rotor upgrade kit (set of 4) 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

$ 369.99
  • Each kit includes 2 front & 2 rear rotors 
  • 2 styles available 
  • Anti-Corrosion black finish
  • Direct Replacement for OEM
  • Designed to run up to 900°C/1650°F
  • Manufactured by RTS in the UK 

The whoosh motorsports brake rotors not only meet OEM specification, they exceed it with a corrosion proof, thermic black coating combined with 16 slots to aid pad deglazing.

Our rotors look great and provide incredible braking performance on both the street and track

These discs have been designed to handle up to 900°C/1650°F temps but also dissipate heat as quickly as possible to reduce brake fade  

The whoosh motorsports brake rotors are manufactured in the United Kingdom and undergo rigorous testing to meet G3500 and ECR90 quality accreditation.

Best used with uprated brake lines and brake pads.  Please contact us for any questions about brake part recommendations for your Fiesta ST 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Skyy M
Solid upgrade over factory for Auto X

Paired these with a set of EBC yellow pads for auto X and spirited driving. Made it through the entire 2023 season with no fade occurring. Definitely would recommend for a nice bump in braking stamina over the factory setup.

I would like to note when I went for the longest run yet that being at the tail of the dragon. I did run into fade with the rotors sadly warping at the end of the run. I was running the car very hard with a lot of late braking. Definitely would consider this to be more track driving than anything, given there were no breaks given for cooling like in Auto X. I am quite confident the factory set would have given out long before these did.

Super awesome

They look great and feel even better on the initial bite. Fit perfect and very minimal amount of brake dust compared to OEM rotors and pads.

Excelent choice for stock brake setups!

First thing i want to say is the look of these rotors is top notch. I've driven about 500 miles both in town and some spirited driving on back roads. They are quiet and i have experienced no fade.