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whoosh motorsports 2 point Trac Bar 2014-2019 Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 99.99

IN STOCK as of 6/21/2024

The whoosh motorsports 2 point Trac Bar will help get your tires planted in a straight line or when carving corners!

This 2 point bar bolts to the to the front of the lower control arms and keeps the control arm mounts from flexing

The install is simple and can be re-installed with the existing bolts but the Factory Ford manual suggest replacing the bolts when removed as they are stretch bolts.

torque both bolts to 46 lb-ft then an addition 180 degrees or rotation as per Ford Spec 

NOW AVAILABLE: Ford OEM control arm bolts for a complete installation can be purchased here

See our installation guide located on the Fiesta ST forum located - HERE

whoosh Trac Bar features:

- 2.03mm seamless mild steel tubing (2.5 lbs)

- perfect fit, easy installation

- affordable traction and handling improvement


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
You can't beat the performance you get for the money.

I recently made an exciting upgrade to my Barbie Shoe ST with full bolt-ons and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! The traction bar has completely transformed my driving experience, giving me improved acceleration and enhanced handling through corners. Best of all, I found this high-performance solution at a price point that can't be beat.

Although there was one small setback, I've found that the ground clearance can be a bit of a challenge with my stock springs and 16" Konig Dekagram Wheels. Despite this, I've been thoroughly enjoying my time behind the wheel and have only experienced a minor inconvenience with a small dent to the traction bar. Of course, this is just a minor inconvenience and I'm already in the process of ordering a new one. I'm confident that this upgrade will continue to bring me joy and excitement on the road.

Kenton Beachy
Great option for the price!

I've had this thing on for about 2 months now with over 2k miles on it. First things first it tightened steering up amazingly. Car used to shake a little at speeds over 70mph but with this on it drive as straight as an arrow. Wheel doesn't even think about shaking at 90+mph. Only downside is the ground clearance is worse but this thing is strong so I've hit a lot of rocks and its scratched but still works perfectly still.

Harold McDavid

Install is straight forward, it just took me a while to get the old control arm bolts out, as they were incredibly tight. (make sure you torque it down with the wheels on the ground or on ramps in my case).

Within the first pull I immediately noticed the torque steer was pretty much gone. Even on not-so-flat roads the car just tracks straight and controlled (the car doesn't get stuck in the grooves as much). It felt like the car pitched back less under load too.

When cornering hard you can feel the inside front stay much more planted and the return to center is much quicker.

Lastly, the car is less "harsh" over bumps. On a few railroad crossings near me the difference was night and day. The suspension is doing more work and the shock doesn't rock the whole car as much.

Overall I'm extremely happy with this mod and would recommend it to everyone. The value for money is great too and you will feel the difference on every drive.

Torque steer gone!!

First time I took it for a drive, I floored it in 2nd and 3rd and no torque steer present. I do have a Vibratechnics passenger mount and driver mount insert and the engine just stays planted. This traction bar was the last piece of the puzzle, I would definitely recommend it. Quality construction and install was a breeze. Thanks to Ron for supplying new bolts. Definitely gonna recommend this to 2 buddy’s of mine with FiST’s

I call this my bash bar

I have bc coilover at a little lower than stock height, its not slammed at all. This bar is totally done in from impacts and scraped and broke at the seams from canyon driving. Look at the pics, it sits low. I would consider this a track only part due to bumps and irregularities in canyon setting. I GUESS THAT WHY ITS CALLED THE TRAC BAR , HEH HUGH!