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whoosh HYBRID TURBO UPGRADE 2014-2019 Fiesta ST 1.6L

$ 1,499.99
After months of R&D working with one of the top turbo builders in the USA, we have a NEW and different hybrid turbo for the Fiesta ST.  *UPDATE* as of 6/8/19 the quickest and fastest hybrid powered Fiesta ST in the World uses our turbo: Wesley L. 11.8.1 ET @ 117 MPH in the quarter mile (see pictures)
The whoosh Hybrid features include:
  • Easy DIRECT BOLT ON - fits exactly like stock
  • Proprietary Billet Extended Tip Hi-Flow Compressor Wheel with modified backing/seal plate
  • Proprietary Cast Hi-Flow 9 Blade Exhaust Wheel
  • Heavy Duty 360 degree thrust bearing assembly
  • Machined, Assembled, and Digitally Balanced in the USA
  • whoosh hi-flow turbo inlet included 
  • oil drain gasket, turbo to manifold fire ring, and turbo to downpipe fire ring gaskets, plus downpipe bolts X3 Included
  • Easily Max out the factory Fiesta ST "DI" Direct Injection fuel system 314whp/351wtq std (304whp/340wtq SAE) on 91 octane with 2 gallons of 100 octane added to the tank *see dyno sheets
  • 340+whp potential with proper auxiliary fueling and tuning *proven on e50 with Peron 4-port aux fuel & 403whp/413wtq with a 35 shot of nitrous!!!
  • Optional wastegates and install kit upgrades using the drop down menus 
Supporting Modifications and Tuning

whoosh motorsports suggests the following modifications to maximize the power potential of our hybrid turbo.  These modifications are the minimum requirements.  Adding additional performance modifications will result in more power with proper tuning 

- performance drop in filter or air intake kit

- performance intercooler upgrade 

- catless 3" downpipe or hi-flow catted 3" downpipe

- COBB Accessport V3 with a custom calibration from TunePlus Inc, JST, Stratified, or Dizzy Tuning,  based on your modifications and fuel used


Installation and Break In

Professional installation if highly suggested.  Use the new oil drain gasket, manifold to turbo, and turbo to downpipe fire ring gaskets provided during installation.  Fresh Synthetic oil with a new filter is required (5w30 for normal use, and 5w40 for heavy/track use) at install as well.  A turbo oil priming procedure is required before starting the vehicle.  This prevents starting the turbo "dry" of oil which can damage the turbo's internal parts.

Oil Prime Procedurepush the gas and clutch pedals to the floor; and push the START button for about 10 seconds of it cranking. Make sure it's not in gear and never lift off the gas pedal. Do this 2-3 times and it will get oil where it needs to be without starting the car and running the turbo without oil in it

Once the turbo install and oil Prime Procedure are complete, start the vehicle, check for leaks and let idle for approx 15 minutes followed by normal driving for approx 50 miles before going wide open throttle.  You must also have a base tune loaded from your tuner of choice before going wide open throttle as well.  Other than working with your tuner to fine tune your hybrid based on the specific modifications and fuel you are using, the last part of the break in procedure is adding another fresh oil & filter service after 1500 miles driven using 5w30 for normal use, and 5w40 for heavy/track use

Core Turbo Value and Refunds

Turbo Core Value for stock turbos returned after your whoosh hybrid is installed is $150.00 Turning in a stock turbo for store credit or cash on your credit card/PayPal account is your decision. whoosh motorsports llc will accept core turbos from Fiesta owners even your turbo wasn't purchased from our store, these cores are worth a trade in value of $150.00 Your stock turbo must be free of external and internal damage.  No broken or cracked parts are accepted including stripped threads or broken off bolts or studs.  Turbos are accepted regardless of mileage.  Please contact us by email for a return number and complete instructions. 

Once your stock turbo is received and inspected, a $150.00 core refund will be processed to your credit card or PayPal account the same day as received.

Turbo Warranty

The whoosh Fiesta ST hybrid is a product of whoosh motorsports llc.  We believe in our products and stand behind them.  Our turbos are delivered to you with a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty.  Please follow our installation and tuning requirements carefully.    whoosh motorsports will cover all costs of repair or replacement of the Turbo ONLY (no labor or shipping) if there is ever a mechanical issue with our product during the warranty period.  Installation errors, dry start up (no oil), and over spinning caused by improper tuning will not be covered under warranty. Do NOT exceed 26.5psi at anytime with the whoosh hybrid turbo, this is considered overspinning which will void the warranty.  To confirm your warranty, mileage with date stamp is required at install as well as finalized data logs from your tuner.  If there are any questions or concerns regarding our warranty please call us 610-334-2158

*NO DISCOUNT CODES accepted on turbo purchases 

Average lead time 4-8 weeks to ship from whoosh Las Vegas 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christopher Bradford
Best turbo for stock fueling

If you plan on staying with stock fueling this is the turbo for you. On a 93 tune I came up with 284WHP and 305 ft-lb torque. Where the stock turbo stops pulling around 3500rpm the hybrid just keeps digging in and takes off. Surprisingly it changed the sound of my exhaust drastically with way more fun turbo noises. I would highly recommend this this if your looking for a quality upgrade. Tune with tune + and a heavy foot I’m still getting 28 MPG which also surprised me since i was expecting to loose gas mileage but it stayed the same as the stage 3 Cobb tune I was previously running. All I can say is JUST BUY IT.

Happy surprises.

The last happy surprise I found installed😃😃😃 already. Almost all the big ticket items I ever wanted to do to a Fiesta ST have already been taken care of by the previous owner. Also explains when I took it for a test drive at the dealership why it felt noticeably faster than previous STs I test drove years prior.

Britton Evans
Awesome turbo Tight BOV

I just got the turbo installed and its amazing however putting it together was kind of a trick. I got the GFB VTA Blow off valve.
The airtec inlet and the GFB bov sit too close together I had to sand down inlet cupler a bit to make everything sit nice. Also the solenoid hose it comes with is a little short.


This turbo is so perfect for this car. I went back and forth for a good while on whether to do this or big turbo kit. Its just rowdy enough to be a handful but still completely usable like this car was meant to be. Still has that low end punch that i love but plenty of top end and its definitely not done giving at 6500rpms. Coming out of a corner in third and rolling into it and it torque steers, straightens up and just goes. 1st and second are about useless on all seasons, 3rd gear pulls like 2nd used to and 4th pulls great as well. I had no intentions of making this into a roll racing machine from the start and im glad i didnt go bigger. Its absolutely perfect and way more fun that my 16 GT Mustang was. I may do aux fuel in the future but for right now its more than i could ask for, especially since you get all new bolts and gaskets included as well as the inlet elbow. You won't find a better deal or better customer service than with Ron.

Christian Ojeda
Instant power

Super happy with the turbo beat here up everyday she don't complain... Well tires do but not the subject 🤣
Instan power (3100rpm full boost)
Low mpg (lead foot syndrome)
Highest score so far 307hp 310tq with 50/50 meth
i live in a tropical island so its hot all of the year compared to most places and am running one of the worst fuels in the world.
Tuner: Tune+