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whoosh brand Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2019 Crossover Pipe Kit

$ 129.99

The whoosh brand Crossover Turbo Intake Hard Pipe has been designed to replace the standard OEM plastic turbo intake pipe on the Ford Fiesta ST.

Our crossover pipe is 70mm (2.75") aluminum throughout with bead-rolled ends for a proper seal and great flow characteristics over the stock pipe.  The whoosh crossover pipe replaces the plastic OEM part that starts at the turbo inlet and extends to the induction hose.  This pipe kit can be used with the OEM or an aftermarket silicone induction hose.

The pipe has a laser cut, tig welded bracket allowing you to utilize the standard intake pipe mounting point, it also also has CNC- machined connection for the factory re-circulation hose (breather)

The pipe is supplied with high quality Stainless Steel hose clamps and 5-ply silicone coupler to connect to the turbo inlet.

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