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whoosh Blow Off Valve Adapter Fiesta ST 2014-2019 *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 44.99 $ 59.99

This Blow Off Valve Adapter by whoosh mounts between the OEM bypass valve and the stock turbo which vents the air to the atmosphere.  After installed you'll hear the "whoosh" sound everyone loves from their turbocharged Fiesta ST

Our Blow Off Valve Adapter bolts in place easily with the provided hardware


  • Easy installation with 5mm hex key
  • 3 vibrant anodized colors to available
  • No Tune required, will not produce check engine lights
  • Loud "whoosh" BOV vent to atmosphere sound !!!!!

*FREE SHIPPING in the USA (conus only)

*OEM valve NOT included

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard McArdle
Best $50 I ever spent!

Does this give you the infamous stustustu sound you hear on every turbo? No it doesn't. Is it a good piece of engineering that'll put a smile on your face? Absolutely! If you're like me and will be on stock turbo for awhile but still want something that's easy to install and will put a smile on your face then this it! Relatively easy install! Ron and the woosh team did a great job with this!

Tony montena
Puts a smile on your face

If you want to turn heads and let everyone and there mother kno your little fiesta don't mess around this is the Ultimate mod. This could be whooshes calling card. Install is a lil tricky but, if u have the right tools it takes about 15mins just in a hard to get place

Morgan FiST
Killer price, Killer product!

This blow off valve adapter is much better than the Boomba racing product for the price and makes the drive so much more enjoyable! After installing and driving around in my little part of town, I was turning heads within an instant! This paired with Jason at Dizzy Tuning's Stage 2 and a pop map, my car is so much easier to smile in. (like it wasnt easy before!) Great job Ron, and i will be purchasing through here for a LONG time!!!

Does what you want

If you want the woosh this it. Pretty simple install. I put the car on ramps, slid down below with a small allen key I had and after 6minutes I had it installed.

I did not get much in terms of instructions but if you know where the factory one is you can do this job. Super simple and easy just 3 allen bolts. It did come with nice new extended bolts so don't worry about that either.

Highly recommend if you want woosh but no BOV.

Jorge B.
Great sound!

It's difficult to install if you have big hands. But once it's done, the sound is amazing!