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Velossa Tech Headlight Ram Air Intake Snorkel 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

$ 450.00


Big turbo setups need lots of air, and some of you accept no compromises! Of course, no product of ours is complete without some style.

Made in the USA

Velossa Tech headlight ram air intakes use 3D laser scanning technology and our highly experienced in-house design engineering team to create a perfect fitting product that performs better than anything out there. Embedded Diode Dynamics RGBW halos and Bluetooth control means that this product is not just a showstopper that performs well, but true to the words American Made, inside and out! 



Flow diverters direct high speed air where it is needed most, right at the filter element.

Infinite color adjustability with Diode Dynamics on-board.



  • Diode Dynamics Bluetooth RGBW controller
  • All wiring and fuse included in kit along with all hardware necessary
  • Diode Dynamics weatherproof True RGBW LEDs integrated and pre-assembled into the serviceable flare (the LED's can be accessed if necessary)
  • Maximum performance ram air design, optimized convergent duct
  • Finished smooth, for maximum airflow
  • OEM fitment
  • No tune necessary (although beneficial if you tune with the BIG MOUTH)
  • Made in the USA

Installation can be done with basic hand tools. We supply all straightforward color instructions (downloadable below), backed with our 5-star Customer Support to help guide if any questions arise. All hardware is always included (if necessary) in our kit.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Way better than I expected!

First off, the fit and finish is great! Menacing look. The surprising part, was the added seat of the pants feel. I used this in a way that most might, but none the less. I ducted the inside inlet directly into my air intake. The MAF sensor was showing 1.5lb/min more than it was with the standard intake setup. The car felt quicker after the install but I know that can be placebo especially if directly after a mod install. I wasn't aware of the MAF readings until I read the data log when I returned from the test drive. A passenger side light for visual would be sweet!