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Turbo Technics S280 bolt on turbo kit 2014-2019 Fiesta ST 1.6L

$ 1,749.99

Turbo Technics S280 bolt on big turbo kit for the 2014-2019 Fiesta ST (US spec)

Large cast turbine housing with direct fit Fiesta specific flange easily bolts to your stock or modified exhaust manifold / downpipe with no hassle or fear of leaks and bolts backing out over time. This means you won't need an adapter plate to fit this turbo!  The Turbo Technics S280 Turbo Kit also allows the use and ease of all stock oil feed and drain lines. This complete kit includes all supplies (couplers, fittings, gaskets, hardware) needed for a trouble free installation. 

  • Complete in house designed, engineered and manufactured by
  • Turbo Technics.
  • Complete with fitting kit including silicone inlet hose,
  • designed to fit with standard air box.
  • Includes all the parts required to fit to the engine.Turbo Technics designed larger upgraded billet compressor wheel.
  • Full size K04 turbine wheel upgrade.
  • Turbo Technics designed anti-surge ported compressor housing.
  • Turbo Technics large a/r turbine housing (nickel-alloy)
  • Bearing housing and bearing system upgrade (K04)
  • Upgraded journal bearing and shaft.
  • Turbo Technics 360⁰ thrust bearing assembly.
  • Competition seal kit.

A slight modification is required to the back of the block but has no effect to the strength of the block by doing this.

If you are looking for the ultimate bolt on big turbo for your ST then this the one for you.

These units are an out outright purchase with no exchange.

rated to 350-370 BHP or 300 to 320whp on the OEM fuel system depending on the fuel, dyno, and your location/elevation 

Full boost (27-28psi) @ 3700RPM !!!!

*315whp / 316wtq using 93 octane @ 28psi is a dyno proven result with the S280

NO discounts are available on this Turbo Kit 

Typical Lead time 2-4 weeks if not in stock at time of ordering   (610)334-2158

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Adam Barnes
On point

Do not regret this purchase.
Only have put bout 700 miles on new turbo. With tune plus 93, tune but Holly molly a whole new monster. Turbo sounds like crazy addicting. !!!

Wish I did it sooner

Accompanied S280 with full bolt on 2019, ported whoosh manifold and injectors. Car is unreal now. Completely different animal. The pull is spectacular.

Make sure you use a torque wrench, be careful, and patient during install and don't forget to prime the new turbo before starting.

Stop thinking about the hybrid and go S280

I have had my car E30 tuned on FBO for the last two years. Thought about doing the whoosh hybrid but said f#ck it and pulled the trigger on the S280. I have to say this car is an absolute beast now and I’m still not done with my tuner. The turbo whistle is amazing, coupled with the vee port symposer port BOV this thing is right out of the fast and furious movies. For real though this car is ridiculously quick now and that’s on stock fuel. Can’t wait to add fuel and do a LS. A MUST buy if you daily your fiesta and are looking for a bigger turbo!

More power Than I ever expected

Before this turbo I went with all other bolt on and was honestly quite disappointed in the power gains. Then I put this turbo on along with tubular exhaust manifold and the whoosh single port auxiliary fuel (running on E30) and this little car put down 370 whp and 342 tq @ 33psi on the dyno! Next week I'll run it on the dyno again on E50 to see how close I can get to 400whp

stephen briede

easy install, solid components in the kit, turbo runs flawlessly and pulls to 7K redline. love it