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RAMAIR panel filter 2014+ Fiesta ST *HIGH FLOW*

$ 39.99

IN STOCK !  (as of 4/29/2024)

The Ramair Panel Filter range is made from twin core Ramair Aeriform foam and our stainless steel cage which is used in many of our tier 1 Motorsport applications for maximum strength. A rubber polymer surround gives a fantastic clean and smooth finish with longevity in mind. These filters are direct replacements for the OEM air filter in your car, making this filter easy to fit and maintain. Ramair twin core foam is unique and like no other in the market. Our foam is designed to give maximum dust filtration along with optimum performance.


  • High Performance, MAF Safe, twin layer, fully reticulated foam
  • Fits in the OEM Airbox and replaces inefficient paper filter
  • Easy to clean using hot soapy water
  • Stainless steel cage support structure
  • Guaranteed surface area using high quality custom blended polymer

About Our Panel Filter Range

For years we have been making filters for some of the largest OEM tuning departments, motorsport teams and respected independent tuners, now we are able to offer them to you directly from our factory here in the UK.

As used by OEM Tuning Departments

We are proud to say that the exact same style of filters that we offer to the public are the same used by the tuning departments of no less than 4 car manufacturers, 3 of which are German.




Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Just get this

Noticeable intake noise improvement. But you get added Airflow and more faster spool times. But, no worries of oiled filters spoiling the MAF

Mike C
Just right.

I just bought my second one and I’ll be swapping them out at each oil change. Just wash with soap and warm water, let it dry and BAMM your back in business. No oiling involved. I live in a dusty area and my last oil change the oil was still very clean. Definitely recommend.

There is no reason to buy anything else

Easy install and all the power. The only reason for something else is if you want more noise.

Just buy it!

If you are running stock airbox buy this product ASAP. Best bang for your buck air filter I've found to date. Very satisfied. Going from factory dirty filter to this Ramair is night and day. Much more intake noise and OEM bypass valve noise. Thanks Ron!

I like turbo noises.

Easy install. T20 bit, and 4 screws. The quality of the filter itself is impressive. The foam is very dense and is multilayered so it should at least filter just as good as other aftermarket filters. It fits perfectly in the air box with no gaps. Probably adds little to no extra power, at least without a tune. BUT the engine and turbo noises are amplified enough to put a smile on my face. I can hear the baby turbo's bypass valve making a cute whistling noise. It's awesome.