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RAMAIR Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2019 Crossover Pipe Kit

$ 154.99

The Ramair Crossover Turbo Intake Hard Pipe has been designed to replace the standard OEM plastic turbo intake pipe on the Ford Fiesta ST

The pipe is constructed to provide a constant 70mm radius reducing restriction throughout the intake tract, right back to the turbo inlet.

The pipe has a laser cut, tig welded bracket allowing you to utilize the standard intake pipe mounting point, it also also has CNC- machined connection for the factory re-circulation hose (breather)

The pipe is supplied with high quality Stainless Steel W2 hose clamps and silicone reducer(coupler) to connect to the turbo inlet.

The hose is made from ultra-lightweight aluminium and is bent as a single piece meaning there’s no unsightly welds or joints.
Available in Black Wrinkle finish ONLY 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A Very choice addition for any purpose!

Been on the FiST for a couple years now.Has held up perfectly ! Anything is better than stock! Plus gives you a little more Turbsky noises...especially when paired with a high flow filter of your choice!

Adam Sur
Low priced good mod

Can confirm it fits easy on a 2015 with no modifications.

The only trouble I had was fitting the Mountune induction hose to it. I had to get creative to get it to fit, but it does fit (just). I would suggest fitting the induction hose before you fit this pipe to the turbo.

I won't say that I gained a bunch of power, but acceleration seems smoother, turbo seems to spool a bit quicker, top end pulls a bit harder. (Ramair crossover pipe, Mountune induction hose, ST200 airbox)

If you are on the fence about purchasing this, I suggest you should. Quality is great and I have no regrets.