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Rally Armor 2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST Mud Flap set (8 color options available) *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 176.00

After extensive development and testing, Rally Armor is pleased to offer its 2013+ Ford Fiesta ST mud flaps. Designed for maximum utility with a rally fit to finish the look, Rally Armor™ 's urethane (UR) mud flaps are sought after for their flexibility and ultimate in shock resistance. The Ford Fiesta ST hatch flaps feature high tensile, tear-resistant and coveted elastic properties unique to urethane. Whether vehicles are lowered or at stock ride height, polyurethane mud flaps consistently outperform their generic polyethylene and PVC plastics counterparts both in wear and impact resistance. Capable of handling high hot and sub-zero cold temperatures without compromising form, URs are ideal for ST owners who seek premium quality and lasting protection. 

The intelligent mounting system includes precision engineered brackets fabricated from rust-proof stainless and powder-coated steel. Through a combination of custom injection molded form-fitted plastic spacers to foam tabs and corresponding brackets, the application offers flush fitment for discerning Fiesta ST owners who seek clean contour lines. In addition to filling in the voids within the fender wells, the installation was carefully designed to meet the needs and preferences of ST drivers who prefer minimal alterations to the liners and slotted mounting holes for adjustability. With over 12 years of experience as a leading manufacturer, this application is a testament to why Rally Armor has become the trusted resource for mud flaps. 

Each Rally Armor UR mud flap set for the 5-door 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST hatch (does not fit base model Fiesta) includes 4 UR mud flaps for all 4 corners of the vehicle, mounting instructions, brackets and hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Timothy Cahill
Underwhelming kit

I have used generic rally armor flaps for a long time, along with other brands. Buying a custom fit kit for a popular make, I expected better. Poor coverage, weak construction and, worst of all, not well designed. Took a while to get them on, removal is easier...

Protect the car well

Since having installed I’ve had a mass reduction from pebbles and debris hitting my ride. Install is tedious but easier if you take the wheels off.

Desired look, undesirable build quality

Let me preface this by saying this isn’t Ron’s fault.

I was not impressed with the build quality of these flaps ESPECIALLY for $160 considering it’s just four flaps of plastic. Two of the plastic clips that are very important in the install were molded incorrectly and missing one of the tabs which made them essentially useless...luckily I rigged up a replacement that seems to be working quite well but still. Secondly, the bracket for each flap has 3 bolts welded to them...the weld broke on one with not a lot of torque.

Bottom line: I like the way these flaps add to the rally aesthetic that I’m going for but I wouldn’t buy them again.

Mike W
They Look Great

These are a bit expensive and the install can be tedious and gruesome, but once you get them all done, they really add to the look of the car. I love them.