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POWERFLEX Fiesta ST transmission mount insert (street or race)

$ 46.99
Urethane insert to fill the voids in the original rubber transmission mount. The original rubber mount is built for absolute noise and vibration suppression. The soft rubber soaks up NVH to make the driveline quieter and more forgiving. But for many enthusiasts the stock rubber has too much comfort and not enough performance. Powerflex offers multiple bushing options for those looking to improve feel and response.
These urethane inserts take up the spaces in the stock rubber bushing. Simply pop these into place for an easy and hassle-free upgrade. The stiffer urethane works with the stock rubber to reduce movement and deflection. Inserts are an effective way of reducing engine and transmission movement, improving power delivery and sharpening gear shifting. Inserts can also prolong the life of the stock bushing now that it cannot flex as much.
Replaces Ford OE part #'s 8V51-7M121AE, AV59-7M121AA, C1BY-7M121-AA.
*Transmission mount NOT included

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ryker Haun
White lithium grease is your friend

Went with the black series
Install is a pain but completely doable, what worked for me was lubing everything with spray white lithium grease, hold it slightly compressed in a bench vice and used channel locks to get the nubs in the hole, took me much longer than I care to admit lol but definitely worth it

Tony montena
Soild! black series

Just dropped this in along with top mount and wow no movement whatsoever. There is vibration at Idle and im not gonna super coat it but,if your asking for the race car feel this is as solid as any other expensive race mounts. Way to go powerflex I'm a for life customer. And thank u whoosh for putting me on to them.

Chefs Kiss

Good pricing, convenient and Fast processing/ shipping by the Whoosh team once again. A+

I installed this a few weeks after doing the Whoosh Race RMM. Building a solid base if you will. This Black series trans mount, along with the burnt “pineapple” were the cherry on top. Nothing super dramatic (I don’t race/autocross) but definitely a difference. It’s noisier but IMO bearable for a more planted feel.

As for the snap in portion- C clamp was too fumbly and didn’t work for me, but vise grip pliers got the lubed up prongs in with little to no hassle.

Must have!

Installed the race version of this and the motor mount bushing along with a Cobb RMM. Night and day difference, especially shifting. Transmission feels solid and shifts a lot smoother with the added Motul 300 fluid change. Easy ordering and excellent customer service from Ron as usual.

Black insert all the way!

The black insert is an excellent upgrade for the stock DSMM! Make sure to lube it up with silicone grease to prevent any squeaks, and use a c-clamp and patience to lock the two pieces together! NVH increase is minimal and yet the mount is much more solid than before. Get it!