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POWERFLEX Fiesta ST Front Upper Engine Mount Insert (street or race)

$ 31.99
Powerflex offers multiple bushing options for those looking to improve performance and response.
The stiffer urethane works with the stock rubber ring to reduce movement and deflection. Inserts are an effective way of reducing engine and transmission movement, improving power delivery and sharpening gear shifting. Inserts can also prolong the life of the stock bushing now that it cannot flex as much.
For installation pictures and instructions please click HERE
Replaces Ford OE part #'s C1BY-6F012-BA, C1BY-6F012-AD, and 8V51-6F012-AJ.
*engine mount NOT included 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jonny R
The other reviews were not lying! Amazing!

I thought there was no way this thin piece of rubber would actually do what the reviews claimed they did. I could not have been more pleased with the results. Currently running E30, and the previous owner already upgraded the other two mounts, and I replaced the passenger side with another Motorcraft one due to squeaking. Drove fine, but didn't want to risk shearing the notorious bolt on a launch, so installed the ARP bolt and figured I'd give the yellow street a try since I was in there. Dude I cannot express how blown away something so small can make such a huge difference. Powertrain feels soooooo much more "bolted" to the car if that makes since. Does have slightly more vibration in the wheel but already have the catless dp with mbrp exhaust so I hardly notice it anyways 🤣 best 50 bucks I've ever spent.

Ryker Haun
Huge difference

With the two black powerflex inserts for the transmission/passenger and the whoosh black race spec RMM everything is so much more planted! Since I was doing the upgraded bolt at the same time I just slid this one before installing the new bolt, not sure if that's recommended but I couldnt get this properly seated without taking the bolt off

Tony montena

Just dropped this in along with transmission mount both black series wow no movement whatsoever. There is vibration at Idle and im not gonna super coat it but,if your asking for the race car feel this is as solid as any other expensive race mounts. Way to go powerflex I'm a for life customer. And thank u whoosh for putting me on to them.

Michael Inrig

So, I had pretty much every suspension and chassis upgrade there is, including every brace, motor mount, shock, spring, etc. Then I bought this insert.

For the installation, I did not remove the mount at all, I jacked up the passenger aft corner of the oil pan until the bolt was not under load, then loosened the bolt about halfway. After that I jacked it up until the bolt made contact again, and left it there. Then I put the insert in the gap, cable tied it together solidly (don't mess around chaining little cable ties, just put your best one that you don't want to use on it to hold it together), then let the engine back down gently. This is when you remove the bolt and replace it with the ARP you bought from Whoosh. Then you tighten it snug, back it off about a turn, then start the engine. While running, you tighten the blue lock-tighted ARP bolt to what torque you like. Spec seems to be 59 ft-lbs, but I went with 65. To normalize the mount and release any stress, you then jack up in the same spot gently, until the bolt just starts coming up from the mount. This releases all of the internal stress on the mount.

What happens next is totally outrageous. You go for a drive, manage many, many quarter second shifts, and then laugh hysterically for a good twenty minutes. Well, that's what I did anyway. Honestly, I haven't enjoyed myself that much in years.

In fact, I'm still laughing just thinking about it.

Even better than the RMM.

Buy one. I'm going for a drive.

Race is a must have!

Easy install and awesome product! Just use a zip tie because the supplied O-ring breaks easily.