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Phul Performance Upgraded Low Side Fuel Pump 2014-2019 Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 449.99 $ 599.99
Phul Performance PnP Upgraded Low Side Fuel Pump
This Plug-n-Play in-tank fuel pump upgrade will support up to 500whp on an ethanol-blend! Utilizing the stock fuel sock element, a modified pressure relief value, and modified outlet, this pump will maximize the capability of your Fiesta ST fuel system all while retaining factory functionality.
After months of development and testing of other aftermarket fuel systems, we came to the conclusion that the existing solutions weren't cutting it. Many of these pumps caused common failures due to poor design and/or lack of tune-ability. Our goal with this pump was to maximize fuel output within the limits of the stock pump basket while avoiding any of the issues that other aftermarket pumps suffer from.
DISCLAIMER: This pump will supply adequate part-throttle fueling at any fuel level, but we DO NOT recommend doing wide open throttle pulls below 1/4 tank due to pump starvation and fuel slosh at higher fuel volumes.

*FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA 

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