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Exciting news!  The Peron STG4 2860 kit has made an impressive 336whp at only 23psi and 391whp at 28psi using the Peron 4-port Auxiliary Fuel system (soon to be released)

Savage acceleration along with OEM levels of drivability – take your Fiesta ST Mk7 to the next level with the PERON STG4 turbocharger system.

This comprehensive package has been rigorously tested over many months and thousands of miles on our own development car. That’s why we are confident that it represents the best solution for anyone looking to create the ultimate fast-road Fiesta ST Mk7.

The Package:
- Garrett Gen2 GTX2860R turbocharger
- Nortech Tubular manifold
- PERON de-cat downpipe
- PERON/Turbosmart external wastegate
- PERON diverter valve
- PERON silicone boost hose
- PERON silicone inlet hose
- PERON hardpipe
All clamps and fittings

Developed in conjunction with in-house technical partners Nortech Performance, our STG4 system transforms the 1.6T EcoBoost into a little powerhouse!

With 300whp (around 344hp at the crank) and 286lb/ft of torque, it delivers savage, yet linear acceleration. But it isn’t just about peak power. The progressive nature of the set-up, together with OEM levels of drivability and refinement is what makes this a genuinely usable package.

Around town the car is refined and civilised, but get it on the open road and it delivers a thrilling driving experience that can worry far more exotic machinery.

Please Note:  The PERON STG4 turbocharger package requires COBB Pro Tuning on a US Spec Fiesta ST 

No coupon codes or discounts will be accepted on this kit 

To get the most from your STG4 package and to fully utilise the increased performance available, you will require:

Suggested Mandatory Products
- High Flow Intake KIt
- High Flow Crossover Pipe
- Stage 3 or higher Intercooer
- Performance exhaust system 70mm piping or larger 

Highly Recommended Products 
- Performance Brake Kit
- Performance Suspension Kit
- Limited Slip Differential
- Performance Tires

The Fiesta ST Mk7 is one of the best bang-for-your buck performance hatches available today. With a nimble, well-balanced chassis and potent 1.6T EcoBoost engine, this little Ford already punches above its weight. But there’s so much more potential waiting to be harnessed.

 We’ve spent the last four years developing performance products specifically for the Fiesta ST Mk7. In that time, we’ve got to know these cars inside out. Our best-selling STG1 and STG2 ECU packages have been carefully developed to enhance the car, without altering its character, but having reached the limits of the stock turbo, the next step was to develop a bespoke turbocharger set-up.


Having identified the size of the stock turbine housing and internal wastegate as the main restrictions, we set about developing a big-turbo set-up from scratch. Although hybrid units are available for the 1.6T EcoBoost, we firmly believe that a big turbo is the better performance option. It was essential that the package delivered more power, but without the high boost levels and associated stress of a hard-worked hybrid. As with any PERON product, the watchwords were Performance, Drivability and Durability.


One of the main restrictions with the 1.6T engine is the stock turbine housing and internal wastegate. While hybrid turbochargers can offer increased flow, they must run higher boost levels to achieve this, which can compromise reliability. We wanted to develop a package utilising a big turbo, so that we could achieve more power, but without having to run so much boost. Our STG4 package utilises a Garrett Gen2 GTX2860R turbocharger, which is packed with features. Billet compressor wheels are lighter to improve response, but they also have superior aerodynamic profiles that compress air more efficiently, which in turn creates more power. The latest low-friction ball-bearing centres are used for improved response and the V-band Entry Turbine Housing in Ni-Resist has been proven to not only improve flow and spool faster, but also provide ease of installation with a durable gasket-free seal.


Developed by our in-house technical partners, Nortech Performance and beautifully crafted from T304 stainless steel, this robotically TIG-welded component features a CNC-machined billet merge collector, along with optimised primary dimensions and CNC Nortech signature head flange. Not only does this bespoke manifold optimise exhaust gas flow, it also looks like a work of art.


Included with the package is a PERON high-flow de-cat downpipe. Manufactured from T304 stainless steel, including flanges, flexible section and lambda bosses, this robotic TIG-welded component has been specifically designed for use with the Garrett turbocharger. Please note: this item is designed for off-road use only. We are currently working on a sports cat downpipe solution that will be available in March.

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Infante
Fiesta s

Currently installing on my base model fiesta and it’s coming together quality product, welds are beautiful, nice large turbo for the i4.