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mountune 1.6L EcoBoost Short Block Engine 2014-2019 Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*

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mountune 1.6L EcoBoost High Performance Short Block Engine

Fiesta ST Ford EcoBoost 1.6L

mountune’s extensive knowledge of the Ford EcoBoost engine coupled with broad motorsport experience provides the foundation for our Premium High Performance 1.6L Ford EcoBoost short block. Each short block is skillfully assembled using a brand new Ford ST engine block coupled with mountune Forged Pistons, Forged Connecting Rods, bearings and a genuine new Ford crankshaft. This short block is the perfect foundation for your Fiesta ST for high boost applications including track day use. We take the guess work out of critical engine assembly allowing you to install your existing cylinder head and other base engine components to this premium improved foundation. Tested at over 400hp, this engine specification is designed for typical track day use and those running high power levels with supporting modifications.
Short Block Features
The genuine Fiesta ST engine block is first inspected, de-burred, and the bores are honed to perfection to receive mountune Forged Pistons. The rotating assembly that includes a new lightweight crankshaft and mountune Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods is balanced to within .5 gram. The select parts are professionally assembled by one of mountune's skilled engine builders. Each assembly includes a detailed data sheet showing all critical engine dimensions.
  • New Ford EcoBoost Fiesta ST Engine Block
  • New Ford Crankshaft
  • mountune Forged H-beam Connecting Rods
  • mountune Forged Pistons and rings
  • Assembly balanced to within .5 gram
  • Complete blue-print assembly
  • Ring gap set
  • Bearing clearance set
  • Deck height checked
  • Connecting Rod side clearance set
  • Crankshaft end float set
mountune’s extensive knowledge of the Ford EcoBoost engine coupled with broad motorsport experience provides the foundation for the ultimate 1.6L Ford EcoBoost forged piston. Tested in house, the mountune forged piston set for the 1.6L Ford EcoBoost is a fully featured piston with many of the same upgrades we use in our professional motorsport engines.
Produced from modern lightweight alloy 4032 forgings for maximum oil control and quiet operation, each piston features supported pin bosses to withstand the extreme conditions found in engines operating with high cylinder pressures. The layout of the piston has also been optimized with weight reduction in mind and reduced skirt profiles to minimize friction. Careful consideration has been used in the “bowl” area of the piston to maintain Ford’s original profile to ensure proper and efficient combustion. Perfect for high power builds.

Connecting Rods
The connecting rod is one of the most highly stressed components within the engine and improved connecting rods are an essential upgrade for high power EcoBoost engines. The mountune connecting rod was developed using extensive FEA analysis resulting in the optimum connecting rod for applications up to 200 bhp per cylinder.Each connecting rod incorporates our motorsport DNA to provide you with the ultimate component for your engine. Exclusive features include a robust, H – Beam configuration with extensive machining to optimize weight without reducing strength. Silicone/bronze pin bushings provide a durable and low friction surface that remains dimensionally stable in high pressure and high RPM applications.
  • H Beam Design
  • Forged 4340 Alloy
  • Tapered Small End
  • C-C Length 134.02mm
  • Pin Bore 21mm Full Float

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