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Milltek 2.76" Fiesta ST US Spec Race cat back exhaust system (non-resonated) *2 tip styles available!*

$ 649.99

Now available ONLY at whoosh motorsports !

Milltek exhaust systems are designed and built in Britain so you can expect excellent quality and craftsmanship when purchasing a Milltek system.

Milltek cat back exhaust system features include:

- Full 304 stainless 2.76" (70mm) piping throughout

- 80mm exhaust tips

- Optional cerakote black tips

- with or without resonator depending on the desired sound level

- US Spec Fiesta ST fitment: extended tip sections for improved appearance plus reduces excessive black exhaust buildup and melted rear valance issues

- Optional rear sections now available: select the race rear silencer (muffler) or go full straight pipe with the silencer delete option 





Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Milltek Exhaust

I went with the straight pipe option and the polished tips. Exhaust came packaged very well and it arrived quick! Getting the exhaust hangers on can be difficult if you don't use a little grease. The turbo sounds are incredible with the 3" Whoosh catless downpipe and a Whoosh hybrid turbo. It is loud but that's ok with me, I couldn't be happier with how it sounds. It's a nice looking exhaust as well

Matt B
Great Exhaust

This really is one of the nicest exhausts I've had. It is interchangeable so you can add or remove the different sections to tune the sound so long as you buy the different sections. I originally had the non resonated mid pipe with back box delete, but changed to race muffler when I upgraded to a catless downpipe.

I couldn't be happier with the sound. It has a nice deep growl and a little burble on decel. Absolutely no drone in the car even with a catless downpipe!

This exhaust has been through 2 winters and still looks great. Will stick with Milltek whenever available on future projects.

Great exhaust for the FiST

I previously had a Cobb cat back on my FiST, but found it to be just a bit too quiet and mellow. I don't like crazy loud cars, but I couldn't hardly hear the engine...

Picked up the Milltek Race and it gives nice deep tone, that keeps the volume in check, but still allows for a nice aggressive burbly note. No drone and when on the highway sounds pretty similar to the Cobb, aka mellow. But put the pedal down and it has a nice aggressive tone that really fits the 1.6L nicely.

Kevin Lara
Almost perfect

It sounds soooooooooo good. Great build quality from Milltek and us fiST owners should be grateful we can have this here in the states because of Ron, Only downside to me is the that tips dont already come welded on. That is a personal prefrence though. I couldnt put the torque solution hangers on. They literally couldnt slip on. Ordered whoosh hangers I think those will do the job. I think the Milltek sounds the best IMO. Very aggressive burbbles and deep exhaust note. NO DRONE. I say buy it. Ron has a sound clip of it on youtube look it up for proof.