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Koni STR.T (Orange) Rear Shock Ford Fiesta ST *set of 2 shocks*

Koni STR.T (Orange) Rear Shock Ford Fiesta ST *set of 2 shocks*

$ 171.12 $ 199.99


set of 2 rear shocks

The range of Koni STR.T Shocks are totally new and are individually tailored and engineered to give your car that Koni sports feel. Koni STR.T Shocks give your car a feeling of improved handling and less roll. The fixed rate damping is based on our years of experience with our sport range of dampers and kits.

The bright orange dampers are sure to look good on any vehicle.


* Entry level performance shock absorber

* Compliments lower springs

* Pefect for OE replacement or vehicle improvement

* Non-adjustable

* Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Do it

I bought these after hearing it greatly improved the fist if you daily it, and that's 100% true. Even on 17s the ride is so so much less jarring. It's a ton more comfortable and the install incredibly simple. If you are dailying this car, this purchase is a no brainer, and well worth the 100 some dollars.

Greg Perry
Make the FiST liveable...

We all know how Ford got it wrong with regards to the rear shocks and compression/rebound damping on the FiST. The car will rattle your teeth out, with the factory shocks.
I live in a state with bad roads (WV).
Shocks/struts are critical to enjoying cars in this state.
The Koni STR.T rear shocks made my FiST liveable in this state, with these roads. They take a lot of the sharp compression/rebound away, and instead, it is now a softer hit when you encounter a pothole or sharp edge.
Yes, the rear end is a little softer overall, and you won't be taking knife-edge turns with these shocks. If you live on a track, these aren't for you.
But if you drive and value your spine and teeth, then putting the STR.Ts on the rear end of your FiST will be one of the most cost-effective mods you can do.
My FiST is now a complete joy to drive, especially on roadtrips of 100-400 miles in length.