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iSincer Side Mirror Turn Signal Dynamic LED Lights 2014-2019 Fiesta ST * 2 colors available*

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Package contents:

2 MIRROR INDICATOR lights (right side + left side)
Product name: DYNAMIC FORD/FIESTA MK7 2014-2019 SMOKED BLACK, Crystal Stripe, SMOKED Crystal Strip with BLUE strobe
Reference OE/OEM Number: 8A61-13B381-AF , 8A61-13B381-AE , 8A61-13B381-AD , 8A61-13B381-AC , 8A61-13B381-AB , 1542153 , 1531428 , 1513155 , 1748313 , 1547274
Material: ABS Plastic+LED
Shell color: SMOKED Black or Crystal
LED light: Dynamic amber turn signal
Voltage: 12V DC
Lifespan: 50000 hrs.
Placement on vehicles: right and left side mirror 

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Customer Reviews

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Gabe Messer
Easy drop in install

Once the mirror housing is removed its really easy to unclip, unplug and remove the old signals and clip, replug the new ones.

Pedro Carmo


Dave S
Blue Strobes

No previous reviews of the blue strobes so I thought I’d share my experience. The blue effect is only on when you lock/unlock the car, not when you’re driving (which is good, illegal in my state). Otherwise they function like the other options. Also, there is no powered wires in the side mirror so you will have to run wires through the door and into the interior. I ran mine to the auxiliary fuse in the glovebox (F33 if I recall correctly) which has a male spade post for easy attachment. All in all it’s an extra hour of work for a pretty minimal addition, but if you like cool extra lights on your car like I do, it’s definitely worth the extra effort, They look great!

Dan Cheney
Great looking replacement

My 2016 had some condensation and debris inside the stock turn signal. These were a great replacement and I love the look of the smoked version on my car. The install is straight forward, just take some time and be careful removing the caps. Like another reviewer stated, there is a little more gap than stock in one spot closest to the mirror, but you don't notice it unless you're looking for it.

Looks Great, fitment needs improvement

Not hard to install just some finess with a pick tool and flat head to get the mirror cap off.

Now the overall fitment could be better. As there is a small gap between the turn signal housing and the plastic bezel surrounding the mirror. If you dont know about the gap and are not actively looking for it you wont spot it. Besides that its good.

Looks fantastic, nice and clear as well as way more modern. I will add in my case there seems to be some debry inside the driver side housing that I noticed upon first use. Happy I got the smoked version as it hides it, you cant see the stuff unless the signal is on. I am a perfectionist and most probably won't see that stuff in there unless up close and staring.