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Go Fast Bits Diverter Valve DV+ Ford Fiesta Ecoboost (Direct Replacement) *FREE SHIPPING*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great for a sleeper

Currently using this for an EcoBoost Mustang running an upgraded turbo with E85 and worked great so far, so I decided to go the same route for the Fiesta.

This is great if you want something that can hold higher boost pressure without getting unwanted attention.

Recommend performing this upgrade at the same time with a hot side charge pipe upgrade, since you can just reach up to access all three mounting bolts without having to take the wheel off or use any socket extension bars or swivel adapters while the hot side pipe's off.

Must have when you're pushing over stock boost levels

If you're pushing more than stock boost with your stage 3 or custom tune, you need one of these. It holds the boost much better. The boost is far more stable than it was on the stock valve guts. My only issue is the GFB instructions say the OE plastic shroud around the OE piston just pulls off. I basically shredded mine getting it off as there was no getting it off by hand (and I have strong hands), so no going back to OE unless I buy a new unit.

Installs and works as advertised

I could tell a difference when shifting, power comes on sooner, less power drop-off between shifts. Not hard to install. Definitely a heavy duty upgrade to the stock pieces it replaces.

A necessary upgrade

I wasn't expecting much with this product, but it actually surprised me. It improved the daily driving characteristics of the car. The power throughout the rpms is better and smoother. I found myself needing to use slightly less throttle input for the same efforts as before. I had this installed with my stock intake and a drop in filter. You won't be disappointed.

The rebuilding process isnt complicated. There are very detailed youtube videoes out there if you need them. The reinstallation process is much easier if you have a ball end hex wrench.

I will say, if you plan on getting or already have the 2j intake, don't go this route. The kit Ron makes for the symposer delete bov is the way to go for that.