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Mishimoto Fiesta ST 1.6L Performance Air Intake Kit 2016-2019 *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 403.95 $ 434.32
  • Direct fit for 2016+ Ford Fiesta ST
  • Dyno-proven maximum gains of up to 6 whp and 10 wtq on the stock tune
  • Highly aggressive intake tone under acceleration
  • Designed to work with stock tune with no additional tuning required
  • Air filter placed to receive maximum airflow from the front of the vehicle
  • High-flow filters operates at 2,000 CFM
  • Black powder-coated airbox keeps unwanted hot air from entering the air filter
  • Available with a polished, wrinkle black, or wrinkle red pipe
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brandon Richardson
Fitment was meh, quality is great, functions well.

I needed an intake that was closed so that it was actually using my big mouth air snorkel/ram, and wasn't going to cause issues with me having hood vents. This intake is great quality, but the fitment wasn't great on my install with an S280 (not sure if this would've been better on a stock turbo car, but it wasn't quite ideal for mine). Certainly not enough to cause an issue though. I added small spacers to the rear 2 screws of the airbox for extra intake noise. The noise is great, and it functions just fine (kinda hard to mess up an intake). Helped with some of my weird idle as well; I was running an odd set of adapters for my previous intake whereas it properly connects up to the 2016+ connectors on this version of the intake.

Rodney Ward
Nice intake!

Although pricy, it looks beautiful in the engine bay and replaces all the tubing. Comes with the box which is high quality. I can see where the tube would rub if the silicone hose and tube are not aligned correctly. BUT, I was missing the sounds that an open filter intake (MAP, Injen, etc...) give. So, I used two nylon spacers on the back two screws of the box to slightly open it up a bit as well as the hole in the shroud mod, where a Big Mouth would go. 2K miles and no Evap CEL on my 2018.

Matthew Merkey
Functionally perfect, some inconsistencies in fit

I've now done two of these intakes on Fiesta STs (a '15 and a '16, so both variants). The noise is fantastic (lots of induction, blow-off valve, and spool noise), the airflow is solid (I've run it with Cobb's stage 2 OTS tune), and I've never had a CEL with either. Functionally, this intake is perfect. Installation is also probably the simplest of any of the intake options for the FiST.

There are some issues with fit, though. When I first installed it on the '15, it rubbed on the corner of the valve cover and the high pressure fuel line. I think I finally had that car sorted after a few months of tinkering with it once a month, but it was not a case of "it just fits." The '16 I just did is rubbing on the corner of the valve cover, but seems to be clearing the fuel line perfectly. It doesn't seem to be an issue that's going to cause a problem, but it has already rubbed off some of the black finish on the '16. Likely I'll get it sorted once the intake has settled.

Functionally solid, but expect to have to fiddle with it to get a good fit for a while.