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ST200 airbox w/cold air feed hose 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

$ 279.99

ST200 airbox and cold air feed hoses for your US spec 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

Price includes the ST200 air box & cold air feed hose 

The ST200 airbox kit includes a NEW Ford OEM paper filter 

 The ST200 Upgrade includes a uniquely constructed airbox with a secondary cold air feed point. Additionally, the air box has been engineered with features that reduce the delta pressure drop by 2kPa that when coupled with a performance panel filter , provide a 21% increase in airflow

 *NO DISCOUNTS will be accepted for Imported OEM parts - if discounts are applied to the order, it will be cancelled.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Happy surprises.

I bought a used 2017 FiST last Sept of 2021 and I keep finding things like the ST200 air box plus a high flow filter already installed😃😃😃. I love the stock look and it gets the job done flowing that sweet sweet air.

Christopher w
Best intake on the maarket

This intake is extremely easy to install, looks factory, and sounds pretty damn good. One thing most review don’t mention is this comes with a mass airflow sensor which was a welcome sight for my 110k mi car. All in all I would buy again.

Best Stealthy box EVER!

I have had my ST200 box for long while now. I cant say enough good things about it. Looks stock....has cold air hose you can route out the bottom towards the under carriage or bumper. Great Buy! .

Ryan D
Absolutely Stellar Temps

I've got this, complemented with the Velossa Bigmouth and the Whoosh V1. Add the Whoosh crossover and induction hose and you've got a solid intake system all the way through! Stock turbo still, but my intake and charge temps are within 1-10 degrees of ambient at almost all times. (60-80 degree weather) The install is simple, the look is clean like stock and the extra intake hose makes a nice addition if you want an upgraded intake without having a "cold(hot) air intake. Very excited to see how it performs once the S280 is installed. Really happy that Ron carries this!

Fabian C.
Great replacement to the stock airbox

Love this airbox as an intake upgrade that isn't too flashy or makes too many changes to the stock system(which already works pretty well on its own).

The airbox is the same from above but below gets rid of some of the bulk from the stock one, and replaces it with a nifty cold air hose that can be rerouted under your headlight for a true cold air intake.

Install is a breeze and when paired with a hi flow panel filter you get a few new induction noises which are pleasant but not overly vacuum cleaner sounding like some other intakes. Plus no CEL due to no need to change the induction hose or the evap harness.

Great choice for someone who wants to maintain a stock look while still gaining a bit more performance and induction noise. Plus it's plastic so it doesn't hold heat like the mountune equivalent.