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DNA Racing front subframe stiffening brace kit 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

$ 159.99

Designed to reduce the suspension arms movement stiffening the subframe where the arms are connected with.

Designed to reduce suspension arms deformation by stiffening the sub frame they are connected with. This added stiffness will improve the handling, steering response and suspension precision.

The install is simple and can be re-installed with the existing bolts but the Factory Ford manual suggest replacing the bolts when removed as they are stretch bolts.

torque both bolts to 46 lb-ft then an addition 180 degrees or rotation as per Ford Spec 

NOW AVAILABLEFord OEM control arm bolts *see drop down menu to add them to your order

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brandon Richardson
Perfect fitment, and offers a little more ground clearance than the Whoosh trac bar

I chose this one solely because of the slightly better ground clearance, which is worth a lot for my car (lowered on Fortune Auto 500 coils). I doubt the whoosh would be any less excellent, but this bar is an easy recommendation. Zero clearance issues with my S280's hot side charge pipe and my AWR rear motor mount. The install is straightforward (get yourself new bolts; they're stretch bolts!) and the result is fantastic. I get slightly more grip in earlier gears, WAY less torque steer, and a little less flex in cornering. Only "downside" is a small understeer feeling, but this is just feel; it definitely corners better with this bar. A rear bar will help re-add that oversteer feeling, and I plan to get one soon.

Mike Inrig
Does a good job.

There are certainly a ton of handling benefits from this, and I found the installation to be a breeze. Driving around takes a little more attention, especially since my car is lowered and this reduces the ground clearance a fair bit.

My only regret is that Ron's was back for sale a couple of days after I put in the order. The welds on the DNA were fairly sloppy (hence the missing star), where Whoosh welds on other parts I've bought have been masterful. DNA does a nice finish though. Overall a good product for sure, just could have used a little more care in production.

Should have been easy

Installing this track bar should have been easy but it was a bitch for me. If you don't have a lift you will have to use jack stands. I hate using jack stads on the Fist. It always seems dangerous and you have to jack each side in stages to get any height. I would usually use my ramps but can't for this install. You will need an impact to remove the bolts, it will help if you remove the tires. Also if you have a larger hot side charge pipe you will need a swivel socket to use the impact on passenger side. I destroyed the sock but got the bolt out. You could always take the pipe off but I opted not to. After some cursing I got bar installed with new bolts. Quick drive reveals good reduction in torque steer. Ride seems stiffer. I also don't have that annoying steering pull when on roads with worn in tracks. I'm glad I got installed not sure I would do it again given all the troubles I had but definitely happy its done. My frickin Whoosh intercooler was easier to install than this.