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The ITG "Pro-Filter" is a high grade direct replacement filter for your vehicle. These drop-in filters are designed to fit inside your factory airbox or ST200/Mountune Box and are suitable for road or competition use.

The Pro-Filter utilizes the same three layer Reticulated polyester foam used on the MAXOGEN air filters. The three layers of foam selected for the Pro-Filter combined with the arresting stickiness of the dust retaining oil, give a high level of filtration to protect the engine from all the damaging particles in the ambient air stream.

Unlike some of the competition, ITG filters have a massive dust load-up tolerance, which is the ability to absorb a large amount of dust without reducing air flow capacity. The design, skill and technology employed to bring this filter to production are superior to all other filter makes, and yet the price is still competitive. The wealth of design skill available at ITG has created the lightest, most capable filters in all fields of motorsport from Formula 1 to the World Rally Championship. The Pro-Filter range receives this same attention to detail at the design stage and is then taken into production with the consummate quality for which ITG is renowned. Increase your vehicle's potential by fitting it with a drop-in Pro-Filter! No additional oiling ever needed.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very surprised!

Smoother idle, smoother throttle response, quiet. Improvement is noticeable and worth it. Running Dizzy stg 2/91oct or E30 here and there. I had the stock paper filter in previously.

Bob Dole
Excellent filter. Great for dirty environments.

An excellent filter. Seems to have a huge dirt holding capacity. I run my car in the winter on highways that are covered with cinders. When it dries out there are red clouds of rock dust. This filter lets me sleep at night knowing my car isn't ingesting volcanic dust! I ran it about 20,000 miles and pulled it out for a bath, night and day difference between it and the cheesecloth style filters.

Fabian C.
Great quality replacement filter

I have had both the Ramair filter and recently upgraded to the ITG as I wanted something that can filter dust a little bit better(living near a hillside in CA, it can be very dusty and hot where I live). The downside to this filter is it does require oil but that is something I'm willing to live with when cleaning time comes.

From a quality standpoint I definitely think it is worth the extra 30 dollars as it is almost twice as thick as the previous ramair I had, and the oil is supposed to better catch small dust particles.

Induction noise and performance are about the same as my previous filter so not many changes there.

For a good quality filter in dusty environments I would definitely recommend this or the revo filter for the extra dust catching abilities. If that's no worry to you the ramair is more than adequate for a bit less money.