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NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs 6510 1 step colder **Custom PRE-GAPPED** (set of 4)

NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs 6510 1 step colder **Custom PRE-GAPPED** (set of 4)

$ 45.00

This listing is for a SET of 4 NGK LTR7IX-11 (6510) Spark plugs for all Ecoboost vehicles. These are pre-gapped and ready to install for your vehicle. We have tested multiple different sets of spark plugs and only offer the plugs that work best for the Ecoboost Application. 

Yes, we recommend running these plugs even on stock vehicles. The plugs do not require a tune to see benefits. Also when installing don't drop the plug into the cylinder, lower it down with a magnet, or spark plug socket! 



High Performance. Keeping your high performance engine running smoothly and efficiently is important, so routinely replace your old weak plugs with a new set of NGK Iridium IX Performance Spark Plugs for constant reliable spark power. The Iridium IX plugs from NGK will provide improved throttle response, fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and will reduce fouling.
Superior Materials. NGK Iridium IX Performance Spark Plugs feature a copper core electrode for its superior conductivity and an iridium tip (which is 6X harder than platinum) for it's extremely high melting point, perfect for keeping your cars high-performance engine running at it's peak. And as an added bonus the Iridium IX plug features Trivalent Metal Plating for it's superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties.



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Customer Reviews

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Ryan Evans
Pre gapped with great service

Item came as described. Buying pre gapped is 100% the way to go.

I always enjoy shopping with Whoosh because of the fast shipping and competitive prices. Finding a free whoosh sticker or air freshener in your box is one of the best feelings!

I choose whoosh for my pre gap spark plugs every 10K miles. These are my favorite spark plugs for my ST and the only ones I will buy.

Fabian C
Great spark plugs, love pre gapped option.

Overall great spark plugs so far, performance and economy seem to have gone up and I'm seeing little to no negative corrections on my Cobb AP.

Install is a breeze, the coils are right under our engine cover.

Being paranoid I still felt the need to check the gap on the plugs and was happy to find all for at pretty much exactly 0.027. Would definitely recommend and I will be going with this plug for future changes.

Only advice is I would check to make sure there in stock before ordering as I received mine almost 3 weeks after placing the order. They weren't in dire need of changing gs so the stock plugs were fine in the meantime, but I would've been in a pickle if I needed them immediately. (not necessarily Ron's fault as apparently they were out of stock from the distributors side).

Overall for the money and quality, as well as the fact that you don't have to gap them, definitely worth the 45 bucks.