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Mishimoto J-Line Fiesta ST Intercooler w/Installation Kit 2014-2019

$ 499.99

We've put together a complete Mishimoto J-Line kit for your Ford Fiesta ST!

The kit includes:

1 - Mishimoto J-Line intercooler 29.5in x 7.5in x 3.75in

1 - whoosh motorsports intercooler support bracket.  This bracket will mount the J-Line intercooler to your OEM crash bar in minutes 

2 - 90 degree Mishimoto silicone couplers (3 colors available)

2 - Coupler Joiners / these connect the 90 degree couplers to your OEM charge pipes

6 - T-bolt Clamps to secure everything properly 

A small cooler packing a big punch, this universal front-mount intercooler has been engineered to handle 500HP, even with its compact size.

Tested on the highest HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe in the world, the Mishimoto J-Line intercooler is perfect for cars with limited front-end space.In most instances, the J-Line will allow you to run more power while preventing you from having to remove your crash bar.Like all Mishimoto intercoolers, the J-Line is constructed with 6061 aluminum and is TIG welded to perfection.

VERY popular with the Fiesta ST crowd that demand a low cost front mount intercooler option.

You'll need some light fabrication skills to make the J-Line set just right in the front of the Fiesta ST but once it's fitted, it looks just as good as it performs!



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Big b*tch

Install and mock up goes without saying. I used the included Mount and mounted intercooler essentially upside down with the Mishimoto logo towards the engine. The Mount wrapped behind the crash bar and just remounted the upper shroud support on top of the intercooler Mount. Everything in the kit matched well and I didn’t need any extras!

What I trimmed:
Lower splash guard, you will see when you go to mount it what needs to be trimmed. Slow and steady

Lower grill needs to be modified to fit this intercooler.

Inside of bumper by behind lower grill.

Trimming maybe took me an hour with all the mock fits I did.

Super happy with how it looks and even more so with performance. I plan to go big turbo so this is a must and a no brainer.

Any of my questions were answered by Ron and helped me put my mind at ease once I realized the bumper needed to be trimmed.


The kit is simple enough. Didn't shop with all the parts advertised. Notified Ron and he sent me the Vibrant couplers but forgot the clamps that are supposed to be with this kit. Small matter but that's what you are paying for though right?
The intercooler is legit. Just like our fellow owner said, I have observed, repeatedly, 1 to 4 or 5 degrees above ambient temperature when driving. Even when I am WOT, which is quite a bit, the temps stay between that range. Most I observed was 9 to 10 degrees above ambient temperature, and then it quickly decreased to the normal 4 to 5 degrees above ambient.
In my experience, the higher temps was because I was idling or not driving steadily, frequent stop and go traffic.

About to embark on the 350 DD whp level mark in a couple months, we'll see if this FMIC is sufficient for that whp level. Not pushing the advertised 500 whp capable presumed limit of this FMIC.