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whoosh motorsports Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

$ 99.99

whoosh motorsports High Performance brake line kit for your 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

Features Include :

  • Stainless Braided lines with protective sleeves available in 3 colors 
  • PTFE lined hoses
  • reduces spongy pedal feel
  • road and track tested
  • complete kit includes everything needed to replace all 4 lines on any 2014-2019 Fiesta ST
  • lifetime warranty to original purchaser 

*FREE SHIPPING in the USA (conus only)



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good hoses

Bolted up to the OE line and calipers without issue. They also help keep the pedal feel firm and communicate well while driving

Direct Fit

Excellent direct fit, never had issues with tension clips not having enough tension, even if you did, you could always shim it with something to get the proper tension. Also, banjo fittings for front caliper connection, if you have 2 crush washers stacked, you’re an idiot.
***Instantly increases brake pedal response and bite, I should have paired these lines with Ron’s rotors.

Great kit with some issues

Installed these brake lines yesterday and the brake definitely feel more solid. They appear to be well made, but had some issues with the install because the kit 1) did not come with installation instructions and 2) did not come with properly fitting retention clips for front or rear (had to bend the OEM ones, but still not a solid OEM fit). When installing the front lines ensure that the supplied crush washers are placed on the inside (between the caliper and the fitting) and outside (between the fitting and the bolt head). According to Ford, torque the front to 89 inch pounds, then tighten another 90 degrees. Rear brake lines, torque caliper side to 159 inch lbs

Tools needed:
Flat head screw driver and
vice grips (to remove retention clips)
8 mm socket (loosen/tighten rear brake line retention bolt)
11 mm flare wrench (loosen OEM rear line caliper side/tighten new brake line)
13 mm flare wrench (loosen/tighten OEM hard line)
12 mm socket (OEM banjo bolt)
14 mm socket (new banjo bolt)
17 mm wrench (hold new brake line while tightening)
Hammer (to reinstall OEM retention clips)
Oil pan (to catch the draining oil)

Brake cleaner (to clean all the brake fluid)
Nitrile Gloves
Brake fluid, DOT4

Emerson Zaragoza Padilla
These Lines are Awesome

These lines are such good quality, they definitely make a difference in the pedal feel. Straight forward install if you’ve messed with the brakes on the FiST before. Highly recommend them. Thanks again Ron!