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Brisk Iridium Performance Spark Plug Set (4 pcs) 2014-2019 Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 45.00


Brisk Iridium Performance RR14BYIR-7

You've asked and we've listened. Introducing a new part number in our Iridium Performance P+ line.

This is a one heat range colder than factory plug that is a direct replacement for NGK 6510 & Motorcraft SP-542

The RR14BYIR-7 come factory pre-gapped at .030 which is a perfect drop in replacement for the stock plugs.  We suggest selecting custom gaps of .028 for tuned stock turbo applications and .025 for turbo upgrade applications 

RR14BYIR-7 has been optimized for turbocharged use with a beefier insulator and fine wire construction, it offers excellent performance and a longer lifespan than our Silver Racing equivalent.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I installed these 9,000 miles ago!

I installed these 9,000 miles ago along with my Whoosh V3 FMIC and a 91 tune from Dizzy Tuning! These have been fantastic plugs so far which includes a 2 week, 5,000 miles road trip across the country from AZ to VA and back to AZ. My engine runs great and never misses a beat! Would definitely buy another set!

Zachary Sprague
Smooth engine

I agree with the reviews below, I bought them gapped at .28 and man my car feels smoother at highway speeds, idle and start up are better as well. was a NGK fan but these really did make a night and day difference

Went with .28

I double checked the gap, all of them were precisely .28 with no variations. Using Dizzy Stage 2 E30 and 93 tunes, I could see the lowered temps immediately vs stock plugs.

Smooth very smooth

Got these suggested to me. And I have to say been an ngk fan forever now but I'll stick with these for my fiesta. I've never had smoother idle or throttle input. They are working great with my stratified e30 tune.