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ATP GEN2 - GTX2860R/GTX2867R Big Turbo Kits 2014+ Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 2,150.00

NOW AVAILABLE - Garrett  Gen2 GTX2860R (450+HP) and Gen2 GTX2867R (500+HP) bolt on turbo kits for the +2014 Fiesta ST Turbo 1.6L

Product Highlights: 
- Stock Location, Direct Bolt-on 
- Internally Wastegated 
- V-band flanged turbo adapter 
- Stock turbo flanged downpipe compatible
- Stock placement intake pipe compatible. Adapter elbow provided.
- New steel braided oil feed and coolant lines provided
- Fits stock oil drain tube
- High flow charge air pipe included

Installation Instructions can be found HERE


  • Wastegate Actuator: If you select this option we will ship you our custom wastegate actuator built specifically for TunePlus, Inc to fit the GTX2860R Gen 2 turbocharger. The actuator that ships with the turbo normally does not have enough spring pressure to support a flat 24 psi+ of boost and also causes slower spool as the wastegate flap is partially option during spool because of the exhaust gas pressure overcoming the weak spring in the factory actuator. Our actuator is a direct fit and hooks up the same as stock!
  • BOV: If you would like to add a TurboSmart Supersonic or TiAL BOV to your turbo kit please select which option. This option will include the BOV, the BOV Adapter to fit the included ATP Charge pipe, 6' of black silicone hose, and the MAP TAP adapter for a boost source to operate the BOV. There are no performance differences between the TurboSmart and TiAL BOV this is purely customer preference. If you select no you will need to to source your own BOV configuration as the factory BOV/BPV is deleted. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
raymond harmon
complicated install

the turbo itself is nice but the v-band was a pain to install, the one provided could barely fit had to order a different one from atp but beside the lag compared to stock it does have a pretty good output

Don Colfax
Great kit

Awesome kit with almost everything you need to go bt if you're already fbo.

I recommend grabbing a manifold to turbo fire ring, a turbo to dp fire ring, a set of arp do studs and a head to exhaust manifold gasket right off the bat.

Install was fairly easy and straight forward as far as turbo installs go, I recommend pulling the whole exhaust manifold and turbo out as one assembly, instead of trying to take out just the turbo ;)