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2016+ Fiesta ST Evap Purge P144C check engine light "FIX"

2016+ Fiesta ST Evap Purge P144C check engine light "FIX"

$ 49.99

Now you can install ANY 2014-2015 intake kit or silicone induction hose on your 2016+ Ford Fiesta ST by using this kit.  

This check engine light "fix" solution has been tested and developed by members of the Fiesta ST community

The kit is made of up quality quick connectors, silicone vac cap, UPR check valve, and Good Year high pressure hose for long lasting durability

Development and testing credit : Jon TuxBlack15 and MisSTrouble from TX - while this has been tested for literally over 6 months and thousands of miles there are no guarantees you'll never see a check engine light but we are confident in the product and design related to the evap P144C issue in the 2016+ Fiesta's 

The install is simple and your stock parts can be easily reused to go back to stock 

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