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2014+ Fiesta ST whoosh brand V1 Front Mount Intercooler kit *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 299.99

IN STOCK !!!! as of 4/2/2024

Tired of paying high prices for the basically the same product?

Well the time has come to purchase a affordable yet great performing upgraded front mount intercooler for your 2014 and up Ford Fiesta ST

This intercooler specs out at:

28" long x 6.25" high x 3" thick

which is about a 50% size increase over the stock Fiesta intercooler

This is an excellent performance upgrade for a stock Fiesta all the way to a full "bolt on" Fiesta with Hybrid turbo upgrades...Proven to handle up to 300whp or basically whatever the stock fuel system can max out at on your Fiesta ST

Your available options are:

Polished intercooler or Black painted intercooler with whoosh logo or without - use the drop down menu to make your selection

 *when selecting a logo color, please allow 2 days for proper application and drying time before receiving your tracking information

This item qualifies for ****FREE SHIPPING**** (CONUS only)

There are NO returns accepted for custom painted logo intercoolers

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews Write a review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Happy surprises.

Another item the previous owner already added to the FiST I bought last year. This coupled with the Whoosh hybrid turbo I also discovered already installed just keeps getting better and saving me money lol.

Luis Romero

Whoosh like always giving you the “Best Bang For Your Buck”. If you can spend the extra for the V3 Whoosh Intercooler just go for it (it can’t get any better than that, it’s amazing) but if you’re in a tight budget the V1 will do what you need at an unbeatable price and very good build quality.

I have it where temperatures go beyond 120F and it gets the job done flawlessly for stock turbo. Soon I will be hybrid turbo and this intercooler makes me feel confident that I will not have issues with that.

Great product!

I just installed this intercooler and I’m very happy with it thus far. The install was straight forward and there was no trimming required in my case.
With this upgraded intercooler I now have a much more solid base to start squeezing more out of my motor. This is honestly the best option for intercooler upgrade as all the whoosh parts are very reasonably priced and better thought out than a lot of the other more expensive options. Very happy!

Taylor Coy
Couldn’t agree more with other reviews

Seriously one of the best bang for the buck intercoolers out there. Love the stealthier look of the black

Must Have!

Went from stock in florida heat soaking after 1 or 2 pulls on 21 lbs of boost to pretty much as many pulls as i want 6°F above ambient. Much worth the price.