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2014+ Fiesta ST whoosh brand SSD kit | Silicone Symposer Delete *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 19.99

The whoosh SSD Kit (silicone symposer delete) allows you to remove the sound symposer from your Fiesta ST.  Made from multilayer, durable silicone just like all of our great whoosh brand silicone products.

This will remove the artificial sound being piped into your car's interior and seal up any potential boost leaks the OEM Symposer may cause at higher than stock boost levels.

Installation is simple using the supplied clamp.  Remove the entire part labeled #3 & #4 (BLUE) in the diagram below. This modification is reversible back to stock.  The remaining accordion hose (#1 in the diagram) left from the symposer after removal can be disconnected at the firewall, behind the battery by pressing the connector together and pulling.  If you have any questions concerning the install please contact us directly or (610)334-2158



*This item ships FREE in the USA (conus only)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Mobley
Peace of Mind Upgrade

If you want to downsize on any future problem areas in your boost, this gets ride of a huge chunk of it. Away with the symposer, two horrid clamps and the hose itself(mine was splitting).

Jose Plaza
Fits perfectly

Unsure of the benefits but the dome style is easy to install and looks clean.

Luis Romero
Deletz For Da Winz

It’s a great mod if you don’t have the money for the cold side charge pipe yet (Whoosh Cold Side Charge Pipe comes with symposer port already deleted). The symposer is not as hard to uninstall (you just need to destroy the OEM clamp) and you can install the silicone delete cap in less than a minute once you pull the symposer out.

Erik McNish

So I finally got off my butt, yanked the symposer and capped it off.


You have no idea what an awful racket that thing makes till it's gone! I've owned my FiST almost 3 years now and today was the first time I've ever actually heard the turbo spool up.

Thanks Ron!

Rodney Ward
Solid "Dome" Delete

Does exactly what it is supposed to do. For the tube that runs to the cabin, tube #1, I sealed it with a cap to some container (forget what) and electrical tape. Then zip tied out of the way.