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2014-2019 Ford Fiesta DC 3D Design Handbrake "black hole" cover

$ 24.99

If you've ever dropped anything in the hole behind your parking brake you'll know this little piece is a great offering from DC 3D Design  - This item ships FREE in the USA

Details and Fitting :

Reduce the risk of dropping your items down this frustrating hole and also smarten your interior!

Extensively tested with a large amount of prototypes before the finished product was created. 3d printed in high quality with high standards in quality control before shipping

Comes with Isopropyl alcohol wipe to ensure that the interior cutout is free from contamination before fitting. High strength double sided tape fixes into place. It’s STRONG! Also flexible to reduce force / vibration 

Now available in 2 versions:  the original solid black with ST engraved on the plastic or the NEW black plastic with gel overlay.  The gel overlay is gloss black with the Red ST logo - use the drop down menu to make your selection  

From the Manufacturer: Make sure to follow this guide fully otherwise it will be lost inside the centre console. If this occurs you can remove the screws at the back of the armrest to access the area Foot brake ON - Handbrake in the OFF position Grip the front and back of the part, lower into place. it will be a tight fit with resistance to help positioning, test fitting with the backing tape still on is advised Using one finger underneath to help keep at the top, line up with the top edge on the bottom of the armrest. ( video shows the top edge ) Remove the part and remove backing tape, once you are confident in where it will be fitted follow step 2 and 3 again and ensure the double sided tape doesn’t touch the centre console curved cutout until it is in position Slowly put the handbrake ON to test the travel of your handbrake. If the handbrake touches the part you may need to adjust your handbrake. ( 2-4 clicks on your handbrake is a good setting ) Give the Double sided tape time to bond fully ( Overnight 8 / 12 Hrs recommended ) If you have made a mistake and have fitted it too low, use a small clean flat head screwdriver to prize the tape back up to re-position. Use the isopropyl wipe to clean the screwdriver. Be gentle as to not damage the tape. The drop test video shows that it is strong straight after fitting. It was fitted on a warm day, cold days may affect bond time. In winter it might be advised to run the engine with the heater on, put the tape near the heater vents and make sure to switch the engine off before fitting, we don’t want any accidents!

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