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Symposer-Port Turbosmart Vee Port PRO Blow off Valve "kit" 2014+ Fiesta ST

$ 289.99

This blow off valve installs by replacing the OEM symposer "or" if you already have a symposer delete plug.  By installing this BOV, you will remove/delete the OEM plastic bypass valve located directly on the turbo.

The BOV kit includes : Turbosmart Vee Port  BOV, euro clamp, a block off plate for the OEM bypass valve located on the stock turbo + 3 bolts, and a boost adapter + hose and 2 small hose clamps 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eric Gapp
Best BOV ever - prepare for your future big turbo

This BOV has an awesome sounds, not as good as the vee-port non-pro, but it's still solid. I love that I can clean/service my BOV without it being a pain. Cap off that silly plastic junk from the turbo, and when you upgrade to a big turbo, the BOV will already be solved.

Timothy S
Excellent BOV

I am running 2J-racing intake and after installing this BOV, it really helped reduce the intake noises in the cabin. You still get a really strong intake sound when accelerating, not to mention it added a beautiful flutter when you let off the throttle. Fitment is 10/10, installation is a breeze. When installing the block-off plate on the turbo, I would recommend using a washer on each of the bolts. The bolts may be a little too long. Whoosh always has fast shipping, never disappointed. 10/10 on the product. Would recommend to everyone that has 2J-racing intake to add

John Worrall
10 out of 10 kit

I have 2j intake on my fiesta st and this eliminated the diverter valve noise at part throttle. Well put together kit comes with everything needed. Also order the cel defender.

Charles W.
awesome upgrade!

this was a relatively easy install. if I would have done it in my shop, way easier. love the look and the sound. turbo spool is increased and no leaks from the symposer.

Perfect BOV for the FiST

The kit includes everything you need to install, which is really easy. The BOV's response is excellent and it sounds awesome, not too loud or annoying. Arrived to my door extremely fast. Kudos to Whoosh for putting this together! Would definitely recommend.