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2014-2019 Fiesta ST Hawk DTC-30 Front & Rear brake pads *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 171.89

Use the drop down menu to select Front, Rear or Front & Rear to equip all four corners of your Fiesta ST with DTC-30 brake pads!

These Hawk brake pads qualify for FREE SHIPPING

The premier Hawk line, the DTC line of pads is a direct result of Hawk's passion and commitment to Motorsports. When it comes to superior braking performance DTC has no equal.

*DTC-30 ('W' Compound Code)

* For Dirt Circle Track applications. Uniquely controllable torque with smooth, consistent feel and bite. Superior release & torque control characteristics.

* Wide Optimal temperature range

* Smooth feel with good initial bite

* Good cold effectiveness

* Very low abrasive rotor wear

*Optimal Range: 100° - 800°

*Min/Max Temp: 100° - 1200° 

*Torque:* Medium


Optional DTC-60 Front Pads

*DTC-60 ('G' Compound Code)* High torque with less initial bite than DTC 70. Superior release and torque control characteristics. Brake pads designed for cars with high deceleration rates with or without down force. Recommended for use with DTC-70 when split friction between front and rear axle is desired. * Slightly lower torque than DTC-70 * Recommended for use with DTC-70 when split friction between front and rear axle is desired * Similar but lower torque profile as DTC-70 * Very low abrasive rotor wear * *Optimal Range:* 700° - 1100° * *Min/Max Temp:* 400° - 1600° * *Torque:* High

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
William Truitt
Fantastic performance

I've had these pads on for about thing miles now and they are pretty damn incredible. The braking power when hot stays consistent and I've had no issues with using them on the street or at the track.

They can be a bit touchy when warmed up and the brake dust is moderate depending on how heavy you're braking. These pads are also very noisy under light to medium braking which is something I don't particularly mind. It sounds similar to a subway train or a semi truck without the air pressure noises. Pretty intense but if you can handle that, these are pretty ridiculous