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whoosh motorsports Rear Wiper DELETE 2013+ Focus , 2014+ Fiesta ST

$ 22.99 $ 24.99
Save weight and create a clean look to the hatch on your Focus or Fiesta ST

Features :

  • hard anodized black for long a lasting finish
  • machined from 6061 aluminum
  • rubber o-ring and back seal to prevent leaks 
  • easy installation 

*a longer bolt may be required for installation on a Fiesta hatch panel (now included)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Mike F.
Easy to install & Reversible!

Super easy to install and really cleans up the rear hatch window. If you're worried about rain, just clean your rear hatch glass, clay it, and ceramic coat it. Water beads and falls right off. Despite that, it's fully reversible and you can go back to stock if you feel the need. Great price, too!

Aaron B.
Should have done it years ago

I have a 14 FiST that I have owned since 2016. I rarely used the rear wiper on it and last time it got worn out and needed replacing, I figured for about the price of a rear blade I can just delete it and make it look cleaner in the process. Install took about 20 minutes. Philips head, 8mm, 10mm, 4mm (i believe) allen key and body panel tool if you have one are needed. Much cleaner look and easily reversible if you decide you want the rear wiper back. Thanks Ron.

Great buy

I recently bought a bone stock ST and a lot of my friends call it a ‘mom car’… the rear wiper arm definitely didn’t help. This delete kit cleaned up the rear appearance and was very easy to install. I am disappointed somewhat because I thought it would have the “Whoosh” etched into it like Cobb does, and also like the picture shows… I just received a bare black piece instead. Not the end of the world, they did send a nice sticker and air freshener with my order anyway. Overall pretty happy with it.

Jacob Shipman
Easy Install

Fairly easy and straight forward install. Had it on for a little over a year now and i’d say the only downside would be that the black has kind of faded a bit, but worth the $20.

Twenty bucks. Just buy it.

Couldn't stand the rear wiper since day one. This plug will perfectly cover and seal the hole. Quality is very good. I don't know how others have done it, but I installed mine under the trim piece on the rear for a cleaner look. Had to modify the plug a little bit to fit, but it is aluminum and can easily be done by hand in a few minutes with a file. Cleans up the rear of the Fiesta real nice!