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WAGNER TUNING Competition Intercooler 2020-2024 Explorer ST

$ 850.00

Dive into a new era of performance with our revolutionary Competition intercooler

Our latest generation of high-performance intercoolers takes your driving experience to an unrivaled level. With generous intercooler core dimensions of 615mm x 440mm x 65mm and an impressive charge air volume of 17.6 liters, we offer exceptional cooling performance and reduce backpressure by as much as 42% compared to the standard intercooler.

The specially developed competition high-performance cooling network guarantees outstanding cooling performance, even under extreme conditions. With a feather-light weight of just 9.6 kg, we are setting new standards in lightweight construction. Our free-form end boxes made of high-quality cast aluminum, carefully designed in CAD, ensure optimum airflow and a remarkable pressure resistance of up to 6 bar (tested).

Thanks to outstanding flow characteristics, we minimize back pressure and maximize the performance of your vehicle. All our intercoolers feature a high-quality anti-corrosion coating with excellent thermal conductivity properties for long-lasting durability and optimal cooling - so you can benefit from a significant performance boost and easily outperform your competition.

Our ready-to-install kit enables an uncomplicated replacement of the standard intercooler - without complex modifications. Because every minute on the racetrack counts. All our products undergo strict quality controls to ensure that you only get the best.
Are you ready to take racing to a new level? Choose the Competition intercooler and experience the power you deserve!

Advantages of the Wagner Tuning intercooler:
- Improved cooling performance
- 17.6 liters charge air volume
- 42% less back pressure
- Flow-optimized
- Plug & Play

Dimensions OEM intercooler:
655mm x 158mm x 63mm
A = 1035 cm²
V = 6.5 liters

Wagner Tuning intercooler
615mm x 440mm x 65mm
A = 2706 cm² (+161.5%)
V = 17.6 liters (+170.8%)
42% less back pressure
Significantly better cooling performance

The Wagner Tuning Competition intercooler kit suitable for Ford Ford Explorer 3.0 EcoBoost ST

Part number: 200001211

Kit comes with:
1 intercooler
1 mounting material
1 mounting instruction

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