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UPR Dual Valve Oil Catch Can Plug N Play with ECSS 2020-2024 Explorer ST

$ 399.99


The Ultimate oil separator system for your 2020-Present Ford Explorer ST 3.0L Ecoboost. UPR’s exclusive Dual Valve Catch can system with Patented ECSS ( Electronic Clean Side Separator ) delivers the utmost protection for both sides of your Ecoboost’s PCV system. This new No Drill installation is even easier to install than before.  Complete instructions are included.

If you drive your Explorer ST hard, this is the catch can kit you need!

The UPR Dual Valve Catch Can is designed to work throughout the RPM range, not just at idle or part throttle like other basic kits. UPR Patented ECSS ( Electronic Clean Side Separator ) works with the factory crankcase sensor and prevents intercooler contamination by trapping oil mist that can be forced out when the engine is under boost. No other oil catch can kit is more complete or offers better results.

Our Patented Multi-Stage Multi-Chamber internal design is the best for controlling oil vapor and mist without restricting airflow and causing check engine light issues.

In turn, our new design was developed to work the best in the engine bay without any second guessing of it's true performance capabilities. This system has been tested and developed to work with the factory electronics and the parameters that the EPS / electronic pressure sensor requires. 

Most importantly it keeps your clean side and dirty side performing with the level and control they deserve and not filling the intake and CAC / Inter-cooler full of oil like the factory designed system does.

Manufactured from Domestic T-6 6061 Aluminum bar stock and finished off using only the best Diamond cutters to exceed your expectations of what a superior product should fit and look like.

UPR is the largest aftermarket catch can manufacturer in the country. Continually improving our designs to stay ahead of the competition and give you the cutting edge technology of tomorrow today. We are so confident we offer an unconditional warranty on our products to let you know you can always count on UPR Products.


 All UPR catch can kits are ready to install as-is.  We offer upgrades to allow you to tailor a kit to your needs.  Descriptions of the upgrades are below.

UPR Billet Pro Series Check Valves:
These are larger higher flowing check valves than the standard check valve. It will increase the vacuum through the catch can and deliver better crankcase evacuation. The improved crankcase evacuation translates to increased MPG and more responsive low speed drivability.

UPR Billet One-Way Valve Cover Breather:
These are Valve Cover Breathers with a one-way valve inside of it. These are designed to allow excess/positive crankcase pressure to exit through the breather when in boost. Then it closes to return to vacuum while driving to prevent un-metered air from entering to maintain perfect drivability. These are also ideal for vehicles in very cold or freezing weather as it allows crankcase pressure to escape until condensation or frozen condensation in the PCV hoses melts or thaws. This is a must to ensure maximum engine seal life.

UPR SS Magnetic Drain Plug:
The Stainless Steel magnetic drain plug would replace the drain plug on the bottom of the catch can with an allen head plug that has a magnet embedded into it. It will attract any ferrous metal material to it so the user can inspect it.

UPR Catch Can Drain Line Kit:
The drain line kit includes a drain valve, hose and fittings needed to install the drain valve. It allows the user to relocate the drain somewhere easier to access like the wheel well opening or bumper area.

**You would select either the Stainless Steel Magnetic Drain Plug or The Catch Drain Line Kit, not both.

UPR Adjustable Billet PCV Fitting:
The adjustable Billet PCV fitting includes 4 different size jets. It eliminates the failure prone factory PCV and still allows for the needed restriction. Jet sizes and application basics for Adjustable version are explained below.

» .100 Jet size is slightly more restrictive than the factory PCV fitting to allow you to restrict the PCV for vehicles ingesting too much oil through the PCV and wanting to reduce oil consumption.

» .125 Jet size is slightly less restrictive than the factory PCV fitting to allow you to adjust the pcv to increase flow a bit more than factory for vehicles that only need minor adjustments to eliminate vapor locking in the PCV system.

» .150 Jet size is even less restrictive for the boosted vehicles that tow and are driven harder to increase flow more than factory for vehicles that only need more adjustment to eliminate vapor locking in the PCV system.

» .175 Jet size is the least restrictive compared to the factory PCV fitting and allows for the largest adjustment of the jets for modified vehicles that generate a lot of blow-by / back pressure to eliminate vapor locking / flooding the clean side of the PCV system with oil.

Product Features
* 12oz Capacity Can
* 2oz Capacity CSCC
* Show Quality Finish
* 2oz ECSS measures 2.5" x 2"
* 12oz Can measures 6" x 3"
* Nickel T fittings & Drain Cock
* Prevents Oil from Entering Intake
* Patented Multi-Chamber Design Traps Oil
* High Quality CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
* Plug N Play ï¿½ fittings at Can & ECSS with EPS Assembly
* Improves Fuel Economy, Throttle Response & Performance
* 5/8" Oil Resistant Goodyear Braided Hose included
* Black Anodized Finish

Installs in 20-30 minutes.


* Adjustable Mounting Bracket
* OEM 5/8" Factory Connectors
* 5/8" Continental Braided Hoses
* UPR Billet Hose End covers for a finished Professional look
* Plug N Play TM quick release connectors & billet fittings
* Dual Valve Billet Catch Can (Exclusive 4 Chamber Design)
* UPR Clean Side Separator (Simple Plug N Play TM Design)

Includes OEM Style quick connect fitting to replace Driver Side Orang Fitting


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