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Muteki SR48 open end tuner lug nuts (set of 20) *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 95.00

available in 12 colors !

the SR48 is a great addition to the OEM Caliber and Fiesta ST wheels as well as most any aftermarket wheel

The latest lug nuts from Muteki

SR48 Lug Nuts come in a set of 20 with key adapter.

Manufactured from chrome vanadium, each lug weighs in at a mere 2 oz!

* Super light-weight thin-wall construction using strong CHROME VANADIUM 28DCRVM SPEC.

* Over-sized and taper seat to ensure best contact.

* External drive by popular 17mm hex for easier installation.

* Knurled tips for better grip.

* Full stud engagement and can accommodate long racing studs.

* Newer stock has the Muteki logo on each lug nut


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Much better than factory!

Much better than the factory lug nuts. These do not swell, the coating is pretty durable, and they look great. I have had them off and on about a dozen times and aside from being dirty they still look like new. Highly recommended especially if you have extended ARP wheel studs!