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Eibach ST Pro-Kit Lowering Springs 2020+ Explorer ST

$ 350.00 $ 388.89

Equip your Explorer with this set of Eibach lowering springs for great looks, improved handling, and good ride quality.  By lowering your SUV, the center of gravity is reduced which helps you corner faster and stop quicker. The Pro-Kit progressive spring rates also get stiffer as they compress, resisting roll and helping to keep your tires firmly planted for greater stability and better handling.  Another benefit of the progressive spring rate is that your ride quality remains comfortable for daily driving and commuting. Since the spring rate gets stiffer as it is compressed, small bumps and irregularities in the road will be less noticeable and you can drive in comfort.

Features :
  • Million-mile warranty
  • Low center of gravity
  • Progressive spring rate
  • Stop quicker
  • Corner faster
  • Aggressive look 
  • Designed for use with OEM shocks
  • 1.3in front drop
  • 1.6in rear drop

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