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SPD Performance 3" - 304SS Catted Downpipes with 3" mid pipes 2020+ Explorer ST *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 1,399.00


Needing more performance, MPG's and sound from your 2020-2022 3.0L Ford Explorer or Lincoln Aviator? Look no further! All of SPD's catted downpipes use the highest grade EPA approved catalytic converters or GESI G-Sport UHO EPA catalytic converters and larger 3" diameter mandrel bent tubing which improves throttle response, mileage and overall performance while reducing turbo lag and exhaust temperatures. Our downpipes do not require custom tuning and can be used as a factory downpipe replacement. Our catalytic convertors are made in the USA and are designed to be used in racing applications. 

Redesign Downpipe Upgrades:

We completely redesigned our downpipes to fix the vibration issues on cold starts, acceleration and deacceleration. The vibration happens between 1000-1400 rpms, which seems to be caused by the engine. Remember making your ruler vibrate on your school desk? Ford installed the flex sections about 2.5-3ft from the motor which causes that slight vibration from the engine to multiply in force down the downpipes and mid-section. A stiffer mid-section flex would only put a band-aid on this problem. We installed 6" flex sections right after the cats to absorb this vibration from the engine, eliminating all damages/fatigue on your exhaust components caused by the vibration.  

True Dual 3" is now possible! Our new downpipes with mid sections have removable factory 2.125" exhaust adapters. This will allow you to adapt your aftermarket cat-back exhaust systems for better flow and performance. 

On all SPD Performance's 304 stainless catted downpipes with mid-section, you get:

  • Increase in performance
  • Improved turbo spool time
  • Better fuel mileage
  • High flow 400CPSI catalytic converters that do not cause check engine lights
  • TIG & MIG Welded 304 Stainless Steel
  • Factory style flanged clamps on all flared turbo and exit connections
  • All hardware included

We use EPA approved federal catalytic converters but you are responsible to verify that they are legal with your state and county laws.

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