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CHAMPION RACING HEADS aluminum 14 bolt Buick V6 cylinder heads

$ 2,999.95
  • Ferrea stainless intake vales 1.900"
  • Ferrea stainless exhaust valves 1.600"
  • Manley chromoly spring retainers
  • Pac Racing 1201 valve springs / supports up to .550" lift roller cams 
From the Manufacturer:

On the track or the street the Champion GN1 Aluminum head for the Buick V6 is an excellent choice

**SOLD as a SET** 

Special Machining Features Include:

  • CNC machined 46cc combustion chambers for consistent volume and shape
  • Precision mill bored valve guide bores provide fine surface finish for optimum heat transfer.
  • Radii on head bolt spot faces to reduce stress risers that can lead to cracking.
  • Thread milled spark plug ports assure consistent precision fit to plugs.
  • Precision milled finish on all gasket surfaces.
  • CNC contour machined multi angle valve seats provide superior geometry, roundness, and surface finish.

Key design features for the GN1 heads:

  • Valves repositioned closer to the cylinder bore centerline for more flow
  • Spark plugs relocated closer to cylinder bore center for improved combustion
  • Special combustion chamber shape for maximum efficiency
  • High flow as cast intake and exhaust ports.
  • Accepts stock rocker arms and stock valve covers.
  • Lightweight 

Champion GN1 aluminum heads will accommodate 109 , stage I or stage II blocks


IN STOCK @ whoosh Las Vegas , no lead time or drop ships 


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