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Brisk Iridium Performance Spark Plug Set (6 pcs) 2020+ Explorer ST *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 67.50


Brisk Iridium Performance RR14BYIR-7

You've asked and we've listened. Introducing a new part number in our Iridium Performance P+ line.

This is a one heat range colder than factory plug that is a direct replacement for NGK 6510 & Motorcraft SP-542

The RR14BYIR-7 come factory pre-gapped at .030 which is a perfect drop in replacement for the stock plugs.  We suggest selecting custom gaps of .028 for tuned applications and .026 for turbo upgrade applications 

RR14BYIR-7 has been optimized for turbocharged use with a beefier insulator and fine wire construction, it offers excellent performance and a longer lifespan than our Silver Racing equivalent.

Each set includes 6 spark plugs

The Brisk spark plug set qualifies for FREE SHIPPING in the USA


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