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BG Syncro Shift II Synthetic Gear Lubricant - 2014+ Fiesta ST / 2013+ Focus ST transmission oil service kit

$ 64.99

Service Kit contains 2 quarts - Ford's owners manual states 1.6L to fill the Fiesta ST IB6 transaxle.  2 US quarts equals 1.89 liters.  whoosh motorsports suggests using the entire contents of this kit or 2 quarts when conducting a drain and refill on any 2014-2018 Fiesta ST.  We have seen anywhere from 1.5 liters to 2.1 liters of fluid removed from an IB6 Fiesta transaxle.  2 quarts or 1.89 liters is the perfect amount for a fill service.

Use the drop down menu to add a GReddy magnetic drain plug to your transmission fluid kit 

BG Syncro Shift® II is a specially formulated gear lubricant designed for front wheel drive manual transmissions. It reduces maintenance costs by improving thermal stability, low-temperature fluidity, and shear stability while providing smoother shifting and improved seal compatibility.

Automatic transmission fluid and other light lubricants are often recommended for use in transfer case, manual transmission, and trans-axle applications. Because these fluids are light viscosity, low film strength fluids they do not fully protect all components. Manual transmissions and trans-axle applications induce severe fluid shearing, greatly sacrificing wear protection.

BG Syncro Shift® II Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant is a professional-use product designed for manual transmissions, trans-axles and transfer cases. It provides unmatched film strength, wear protection, exceptional mechanical shearing resistance, and excellent low temperature fluidity. All this without sacrificing any performance characteristics.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Marvin B.
Actually Impressed

Reading the the reviews here, I wasn't sure if this would actually make a difference or if it would be a placebo.
I had already done a Mountune short shifter and Whoosh bushings, and engagement felt solid. I went ahead and bought this fluid since I got the car at CarMax and who knows what they put in there, if not the last owner.
Day after the fluid change I made a 700mi trip, and I do believe it actually does "feel" better. You know that satisfying pop when you're putting the last corner of your phone case on? That's how the shifts feel. Every gear has a very satisfying plop feel to it.

If it's all in my head, well 5 stars anyways for the always fast shipping, and product performs as it should lol.

It shifts

Idk what folks are saying about feeling an immediate difference. It feels the same. It shifts. It shifts the same. It's transmission transmission hasn't grenaded so I assume it's working. That's that. I'll give it 5/5 for the magnetic drain plug and exceeding OEM specs. Thanks whoosh!

Makes a difference.

Certainly smoother shifting but the important part for me is determining how it fares under WOT. Whatever fluid that was in previously was relatively new since it was still transparentish. Under consistent WOT, it was noticably underperforming, shifts felt...rubbery and transaction in gears wasn't seemless, not quite rev hang, but something along those lines. This eliminated all the aforementioned characteristics. And likely a dominant contributing factor to beating a friend's stock Evo 9 in 1320. By A fender. 😁
At the time, e30 Dizzy tune; Mishimoto induction hose; Ramair drop in filter; and MRBP 3" catback exhaust.

Just buy this already

For how easy Ron set this up simple order and fill with both containers it's worth the price.

I opted for the magnetic drain plug as well. It all came within a couple days of ordering. Using a funnel and some hose I had filling was quite easy.

I received a Greedy magnetic drain plug in flat grey looks good and feels top notch torqued to spec and no leaks 300miles later.

The overall feel is the same but engaging each gear does feel smoother.

Brandon Richardson
Feels much better than stock fluid. Pricey but probably worth it.

Use all of both containers; you won't overfill doing it. I used a simple $10 (on amazon) hand pump to pump the fluid in. Go for a short drive, jack it up, drain fluid, put the plug back, put in both new containers of fluid, and plug it back up. Definitely worth the change.