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AVS Low Profile Ventvisors - Smoked 2020+ Explorer ST

$ 84.99 $ 103.00

These low-profile Ventvisors are a sleek and practical upgrade for your SUV, and with the smallest profile available for side window deflectors, these maintain a clean look and blend right in with the Explorer. 

Circulate air with no worries. Rolling down the windows can often be a pain. The wind dishevels your hair and clothes, making it a poor option for cooling down even if the weather is nice. Wind deflectors correct this issue. These visors simply mount with adhesive and prevent wind from stirring in the cabin and disturbing you. The visors also shield your interior from rain and snow, allowing you to open your windows even when the weather would not normally be ideal.

Prevent prying eyes while you are away. Leaving your car parked for a while in the middle of summer can be frustrating. The car gets super hot on the inside, but cracking the windows can be risky due to weather and prying eyes. Ventvisors protect your privacy by keeping your cracked windows out of sight and mind. You can go about your day resting easy knowing your car won't get hot and that the interior will be protected even if the weather changes. 

Product Benefits: 
  • Gentle airflow in the cabin
  • Prevents prying eyes
  • Protects interior from weather
  • Easy to install

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