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3" to 2.5" (and stock exhaust) Downpipe Adapter Kit Fiesta ST / Focus ST

$ 45.00

The whoosh Downpipe Adapter Kit  is used when installing a full 3" downpipe such as the whoosh V1, V3, or  cp-e downpipe to a smaller than 3" exhaust system.

This adapter kit will allow you to bolt up and seal your 2.5" exhaust or stock Fiesta exhaust to a full 3" downpipe

Simply bolt the plate between the 3" downpipe flange and your 2.5" exhaust flange (or stock exhaust flange) using the provided gaskets and hardware

Each kit includes:

- 3" to 2.5" whoosh motorsports adapter plate (black coating)

- properly sized 10.9 spec attachment hardware (2 nuts/2 bolts)

- 2.5" gasket & 3" gaskets 



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