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Swift Spec-R lowering springs Fiesta ST 2014-2019

Swift Spec-R lowering springs Fiesta ST 2014-2019

$ 357.75 $ 477.00

OUT of STOCK - expected to ship mid June 2024

2014+ Ford Fiesta ST

Drop specs: Front  -1.1" / Rear -1.0"

Spring Rate : Front 212 lbs/inch  /  Rear 212 lbs/inch

Spec-R Springs
Built for track duty, Swift Spec-R springs are designed at the upper limits of the OEM shock valving. Track tested and tuned for optimum performance yet comfortable enough for a daily driver.
Swift made Sport Springs keeps the quality ride you get from the showroom, and adds improved handling and lower ride height for driving enthusiasts and style minded drivers who demand only the best.

From HPDE events to SCCA competition, Swift Spec-R Sport Springs are made for the track enthusiast looking to take their vehicle to the next level.

Swift Spec-R Sport Springs were engineered with 3 characteristics in mind.

  1. Modified ride height compared to Sport Springs to maximize optimal suspension geometry.
  2. Further increasing the spring rate to enhance overall performance. The increase in spring rate is based on the upper limits of the vehicles factory shock valving.
  3. Maintaining optimal comfort level for street use.

Spec R springs are wound with the same engineering and material as our sports springs. With the exception of stiffer rates and slight change in ride height; you can expect the same characteristics as our sports springs.



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best looks and ride hands down!!

I've had the whitelines,HR sport and eibachs. These are the best for me. Gives the car much more response with less body roll and takes bumps like a champ. Love these

Great upgrade

Having had coilovers on other cars, my fiesta is my daily and did not want cost/complexity of coilovers but could not stand to look at my car at stock height. These are the best option with stock style dampers, linear rate and not too low. Nothing rubs and I’m running 215’s on 16” Dekagrams. Consist handling very similar to stock with no surprises at the limit.

Worth every penny

If this is on discount don't hesitate. Fantastic looks but I can still go over speed pumps without bottoming out. My mud flaps will scrape occasionally on the rather larger speed humps though.

Handling has significantly improved as well. Stability over sudden bumps in mid corners is much better. The overall ride on harsh roads is better then stock springs at least for me. The ride through and through is better.

I am on stock struts and with 16inch sparco wheels and decent side wall BFgood rich tires it's a nearly flush fitment. Almost all the wheel well gap is gone. Highly recommend

Comparable to other reviews.

I wasn't overly impressed with these springs but I wanted a better handling OEM type of ride, which is the exact opposite of most FiST owners. With that being said, it's better than the OEM springs without a doubt and do provide a better ride surprisingly. Paired this with Koni Oranges since my FiST is my DD. This setup undoubtedly improves upon the OEM setup, doesn't FEEL like it but I can take the roads and curves I challenge my FiST on faster than before. Don't know the limit yet since I'm still learning it but I know I'm at least several MPH faster so so far, so good.
AND, it looks WAY better. Not an inch drop all around but there is not even a finger gap between the fenders and tires. That's legit to me.

Want a Nice look of a little lowered & a Bump in the handling Dept.? Then these are perfect for y...

I've had them sitting the box for a while. Finally got them installed! The lowered look was noticable as soon as I walked up to it. To me it feels very similar to A Stock 15' FiST suspension but with more edge. I also paired them with a set of NOS Shocks and struts from ferd. I wanted to keep the stock valving and see how they felt also and didn't wanna mess with adjusting Coilovers. Just wanted install and be DONE.Good choice! Thanks Ron!